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2008-09-20 - velcro is for the wise

I had a dream last night about my ex-nephews. I have (had) three of them. The youngest in my dream was still a baby, and he was scorching my eyes with his devastated, tear-filled gaze, not wanting me to leave. Big blue eyes. But I had to leave. I cried in my dream.

And then about a week and a half ago, I had a dream about my exhusband. About the girl he's dating anyway. She wasn't good for him, she was sucking him dry of what life he had left in him, and I hated her for it. She was skinny and sinewy, like an old dried piece of leather. I cried in this dream, too. Only the emotions were so strong that I woke myself up with my sobs.

But let's not talk about that. There are more important issues like:


Yeah, it fucking blows.

Me and my Special Friend (SF) (he hasn't had hot water or electricity for a week either) have been completely inseparable. Aside from work, we're velcro.

Ike blew through a week ago Friday night, the electricity went out at midnight. In a freakish show of panic, I filled SF's tub with water. I felt so retarded and panic-y while doing it. I felt like Bush had made me all scared about *everything*. We used that water for the next 2 days to flush the toilet. Then the water came back on Monday.

They gave us that Friday and this past Monday off work. All this week I've been showing up at work an hour early so I can take a hot shower at the gym. The past 2 days I've gone to Bikram and when I got home I took a cold shower WHICH FUCKING BLOWS!!! (But the yoga was awesome, as usual.)

My hair is all stringy and gross. I took a whore bath this morning because I didn't feel like shocking my system with cold water again.

I'm at the pub with SF and we're all geeked out on wi-fi and coffee and STrongbow and Guinness watching (well, I'm watching) the Bolton/Arsenal game and there's some insane Arsenal fan drinking Coors light, I kid you not.

Night? Well, there's a curfew at 12, which also blows ass. Nights? I get home from work and who the fuck feels like sitting in a dark apartment for the night? Not me. The only thing to do it go out and drink. So go out and drink is what we do. It's awesome. Showing up at work all this week hungover, yeah. It's a blast.

My coworker, Foodie, she and I are kindred spirits. She doesn't have electricity, either. We are on the Centerpoint website (our local electrical company that owns the electrical lines that got shredded during Ike) on an hourly basis, checking our zipcodes to see when the power's supposedly going to come back on. She's due for Monday. I'm due... fucking THURSDAY!!

And get this, listen to this: half my apartment complex has power and the other half doesn't.

Read about the silver lining here: Had I not had my ceiling collapse last June or whenever the fuck it happened and gotten a new roof on my building, my apartment would have been completely demolished like FOUR UNITS in the complex ---> the roof flew off on two upstairs units not only destroying those units, but the ones below them as well. Everything was a loss. I talked to this one dude and he gave me a tour of the destruction in his unit - he had lived there for 11 years! You could see the sky. SO - had I not gone through the mayhem back in June, that would have been me. Everything happens for a reason. It was SF that pointed this out to me, he was like, "You know, if you hadn't gotten a new roof in June...." etcetera.

Our waitress' name is Amy.

I'm drinking coffee and Guinness (not together, they are in separate glasses. The Guinness is housed in an appropriately sized pub glass with the word "Guinness" on the side and an etching of a harp or something, and the coffee is in a thick white porcelain coffee mug).

What else, what else?

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