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2008-09-21 - she knows my name, but calls me Ginger

Hi there!

I drank for 12 hours straight yesterday, started at 11, ended at 11. I was hammered!

Hey, did you go see Hamlet 2 yet? It's freakin hilarious. I love the part when he's on his rollerblades and yells, "Gravel! The bane of my existence!"

So anyway, I started the day with about 4 Guinessi, then we left that pub at 6PM and went to another bar and I had 2 Heinekeni, and then went to get food and then came back to the 2nd bar and I had another Heinekeni and then switched to margaritai and had two of those, or maybe it was 3, I can't freakin remember. It was so much fun. I'm all free and sociable and plastered.

Then we went to Ginger's apartment (by the way, I'm calling my Special Friend "Ginger" because I think that's cooler-sounding than "SF", and he's actually a Ginger. I'm cereal! If he didn't chave his head, he'd have red hair) and totally crashed the fuck out. I bought this battery operated fan at Walgreens several months ago that's been a godsend these past nights.

My favorite store in the whole wide world is Walgreens, if I haven't said that before.

Ginger still doesn't have power or hot water, and neither do I. I might get it Monday, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm kinda used to not having electricity by now. It's now been NINE days. We just hang out at the pub with our laptops and geek out and drink copious amounts of alcohol so we don't have to think about the shitty state of our apartments that don't have electricity.

The pub we're at? There's this collection of pictures on the wall, framed in one big frame, of Halloween last October, and there's 2 pictures of me and my ex-husband. I'm OK with that. I haven't told my ex, probably will soon. He and I are getting along alright lately. I text him every now and then. He wanted to know how I was doing with Ike and all.

I went to yoga this morning at 10 and it totally kicked my ass, of course. I was completely dehydrated, but I didn't care. I'm fucking GOING to yoga, Goddamnit. It was so hot, everyone after class was still sweating like crazy. I think it was because it was so humid today. There were only 21 people in class, and we had 2 newbies. Usually when there's newbies, they don't make it so hot. But this time that wasn't the case.

This morning, I was laying in bed, Ginger had left the room. When he came back in, I was on my back with my arms spread out on either side of me like a giant letter T, and he goes, "Hey Jesus, what's hangin?" I almost peed the bed.

Uh oh, hot dog!!!
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