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2008-11-26 - my Niko loves to cuddle with me

Well, I'm updating from my phone, no shit! How amazing. I love my Sidekick.

At work, my boss is giving me more responsibilities that should have been passed to me when I first started, but I couldn't handle the workload. Then the divorce really fucked up my mental abilities. So, it's time. Learning new things at work sucks. Well, it sucks at first. Then once I figure it all out, I start to enjoy the challenge.

I have to work tomorrow, but we get out at 3. Ginger and I are going to visit my older sister in Denton. That's where I went to college. Twice. My sister and I are cooking, and her boyfriend is making green beans. Yum!

I've been doing bikram yoga like *mad* these past 2 weeks. I did it 4 times last week, and tomorrow will be my third day in a row. And lately it's been just *killing* me with the heat!! I want to run screaming from the room. I went to the 8:15 class this evening and sat out pretty much the first 2 spine strengthening poses. Yeah. My back's been hurting lately.

Ginger got a harley. He doesn't even know how to ride a motorcycle! *SO* we are taking a 4 day class the first weekend in December to learn to ride! I'm going to learn how to ride a motorcycle! I'm scared shitless and *so* excited! Isn't that just the most insane thing you've ever heard from Acorn?

I liked the Steven Colbert x-mas special. It made me laugh when Willie got arrested by tiny cops. Rediculous.

Ok, I feel like I've just done a marathon text to you.
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