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2008-11-30 - Friday night b'day

Friday night I had the best b'day celebrations, ever! All my new friends came out, they are so awesome. We danced and drank the night away at #s, it was packed. Even the old dude with the trench coat was out on the dance floor. I managed to not get too shitfaced, which was a plus. I was drinking tequila and redbull ALL night, which is so unlike me, but it was really hitting the spot, so I just went with it. It ended up being really good to me, yea! I love perfect nights like that. Because that's what it was, a perfect night! Thanks to my Ginger and my new life with him.

Ginger and I drove to Denton to be with my older sister for Thanksgiving, it was really good food! We woke up to a frozen turkey, how typical! It had been thawing for 4 days, so go figure. But it was all remedied soon enough, and we had tons of great food. I loved it. Then that night we went to see Bolt, it was cute. It made me miss my Niko.

The next day I gave Ginger a tour of my old college town and it was sort-of depressing when I thought about it on the drive home because a lot of my memories there are of my ex husband. I've still got a lot of emotional crap to get rid of, but it's not that bad. It was still really cool to tell Ginger, "That's where I used to go to keg parties!" and "There's the house I used to live in!" and so on and so forth.

Here's a picture of my new phone:

I freaked out in yoga Wednesday before we left for Denton. It was so hot. It was completely unbearable. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't sit still on my mat, I kept moving around and not doing the poses, I was so worthless! Then I sat up and buried my head in my arms on my knees and just stayed like that and cried a little bit. It was really bad. I felt to retarded. I haven't had a class that bad *ever*. And I've been doing it almost 2 years. I think what brought it on was I saw my old coworker on the way into class, I left that job on really bad terms and she was a total bitch and I was a total bitch, and seeing her really threw off my chi. We never made amends. And I was all stressed out about leaving for Denton, because right when I was to get out of class, I had to rush over to Ginger's and pick him up so we could leave. But at least I didn't leave the room.

So I haven't been back to yoga since. I'm going to go at 4:30 today, which is in about 2 hours and I'm really scared I'm going to freak out again. I just need to remember to focus on my breathing, that has always helped in the past.

Speaking of fear, I'm still scared about the motorcycle class! God, I don't even know the first thing about riding one. I guess that's why the class is 4 days. And I'm doing it with Ginger, which is very cool.

It was a nice visit with my sister for Thanksgiving. She's got a really crazy dog. Here's a picture of him:

Here's a picture from her apartment:

I'm just chillin at my apartment. The windows are open and Niko is in kitty-heaven. She's the best kitty ever, I'm so in love with her. She's very affectionate. I know I've said that before, but I just can't get over how perfect she is and how we just found each other at a time when we really needed each other and now it's just nothing but pure love. It's so wonderful. I know, you probably think I'm a freak! Yes, it's an unnatural love! OK! :) It's a love that dare not speak its name....

I'm making pizza from scratch for dinner tonight after I get out of yoga and I want to have some things done ahead of time, so I've got to go.

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