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2008-12-12 - Motorcycle class day 2

I found out who was reading my diary - my ex boyfriend from college, right before I got together with my ex-husband. I thought it might be him, so I shot him an email and he wrote me back. We hadn't spoken for about 8 years, crazy. He totally sounded like a complete hick, I guess that's what happens when you live in East Texas. I don't remember him sounding like that, for real. He was afraid I still hated him, because he was such a dick when we broke up. Bygones, man.

The past 2 days I got to work at 7 so I could leave at 4 to meet up with Ginger to go to our *motorcycle riding class*!!! Yesterday and today we were in the classroom. Then at the end of the class tonight I got to sit on a fucking motorcycle for the first time!!!! I've never been on a motorcycle before in my life. It was absolutely exhilirating! OMG. I want a motorcycle now. Tomorrow we are at class from 7 to 3 and we get to actually ride one. I'm scared shitless and giddy as a schoolgirl all at the same time.

So we went nuts at the Harley Davidson store. If I haven't told you before (I don't think I have because it's shameful what I'm about to tell you), Ginger spoils the holy hell out of me. I mean, spoils me fucking ROTTEN. He got me a pair of badass Harley Davidson boots with silver metal sculls on the sides, a beautiful white helmet with pink flowers on it, cool shatterproof sunglasses and a pair of leather riding gloves. All for me! For little old Acorn. I just asked him why he spoils me and he said , "Because I love you!"

So I was sitting on the motorcycle (it was off) and I flipped up the kickstand with my left heel, and then the instructor was like, asking me where the different controls were like the throttle, the front brake, the clutch, and the back brake and I'm thinking, "Tomorrow I'm going to be riding this thing!" and I nearly peed my pants. It was awesome.

I've got to go to sleep. Ginger and I have to get up at 5 and leave by 6 to get to the class by 7.

I did this update on my phone!

Oh and blacksheet asked about the soup I made and Anneliese wrote me an email about it. Just what was it that made my soup so badass? Love. I made it with love.

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