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2008-12-19 - a stick in the mud

I had to really be productive this week, or else I would have had shit hanging over my head for the next 10 days (that I'm off! work!). And that would have sucked. That new responsibility thing I was talking about has really taken hold, and I think I'm getting it. I have this billing that I have to complete once a month, and it's all complicated because I don't really understand "business" stuff and "corporation" stuff. I mean, I'm a scientist. I love all things science-y and chemistry-y and biological-y. So, once I get a handle on the math, then it's all good from there. I have to understand the mathematics behind everything, or else I'm like a stick in the mud.

I'm hanging out with Niko tonight. She's been all weird about her litterbox lately, like, all this week. She peed on the carpet *twice* and then pooed outside the litterbox, on the lid (it's a top-entry litterbox, it rocks, it was thirty dollars). I think she's rebelling. She's like, "Oh. My. God. Acorn. I, like, totally hate where my litterbox is. If you don't move it, like, right away, I'm going to do little annoying things to you."

I'm so tired. I think I'm going to go to bed, now. Seriously, is that lame that I'm going to sleep at 10 p.m. on a Friday night?

It's a good night to go out, too. It got up to 78 degrees today. I'm going to try to go jogging tomorrow morning.

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