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2008-12-28 - check your email for Niko-related info

This past week I've been so so so lazy. I haven't done yoga in almost a month. I did go jogging last Tuesday, I think. Or maybe it was Monday, I can't remember.

I need to straighten my apartment. I have to go to work tomorrow, too. After an entire week off. Ugh.

I've been really honest (and angry) to my ex-husband via email, and now he doesn't want to talk to me ever again. I haven't really let that sink in. I have to say, for 8 years with him, I never let him know what really bothered me about him, and now it's all making me angry, and I don't have any way to vent it. He's totally moved on, and I thought I had, but my bitter anger at him is resurfacing.

Physical exercise makes me in a good mood. I haven't been doing that on a regular basis for a couple weeks, now. I'm kinda cranky.

Niko has peed on the carpet a few more times, but not all the time. My boyfriend sent me some links to see about behavioral problems and maybe she has a UTI like Blaze suggested. I'm going to try some unscented litter, I didn't know that it was bad to get scented litter. And I think we need to get one more box for my boyfriend's apartment because she visits all the time. And I need to clean the carpet better where she peed so I can totally remove the scent. I'm going to check it with a black light. This is going to take some work.
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