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2008-12-31 - New Year's Eve 2008 entry

What a crazy fucking year! I'm glad it's over. 2009, I'm ready for you.

Well, my New Year's resolution last year was to take a picture of Downtown every day on my way to work from the same spot, and I took the last picture today!

Acorncity is the name. I made 199 entries, I didn't take pictures on the weekends or days that I didn't go to work. Here's what I think is the coolest picture from March 13, 2008. My husband and I had just split up - he was living at our old apartment and I was staying with my friend for 2 weeks while he packed and moved to another city.

Do you ever get the feeling that some things happen because of a force or forces beyond your control? I've felt that for a while now, and only this year am I learning how to tap into those forces and learn how to give into them, instead of fighting them. Listen. I don't know if that's going to make sense to you. When I was married, I was so good at ignoring my gut feelings about things, and going with what was "right" because either the majority of others saw it as "good" or my brain saw it as good for me vs. my instincts. What I've learned, is that no matter how hard you try to run from it, it's always going to find you and catch you and throw you down to the ground, stopping you dead in your tracks.

I think I'm going to continue to take my Downtown pictures in the morning. It's become a morning ritual for me.

I can't think of any resolutions I want to do this year. I'm just happy to be here, alive, living. I've had a migraine all day and I'm all stressed out because Niko's been peeing on the carpet every now and then and I'm patiently trying to figure out why she doesn't find her litter box appealing every once in a while, and I think it's because I don't change out the litter enough. Trust me, I scoop out her poo and pee every day, religiously. I guess I thought that was good enough, because I was so regimented about it, I hadn't thought about the lingering odors that she might find unpleasant. I've since changed out the litter (last night) and she was fine today while I was at work, so I've just got to roll with that. No worries

I'm probably not going to go anywhere tonight. I'm also a little sick in addition to having the migraine. A little bit of a cough, general feeling of malaise, weak. I don't know what Ginger's going to do. He had to pull an all-nighter with his job last night, so he might be in the same boat as me. I haven't seen him in 2 whole days, we've both been so busy. I miss him like crazy.

Happy New Year

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