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2009-02-01 - This is the Golden Age

Super Bowl 43! I could give a shit less about who's playing, I just really love Super Bowl parties! My boyfriend and I got invited to one, and I'm baking cookies. I made the dough at my apartment, and I'm baking them at *his* apartment, because I have one of those mini-stove things, and my good cookie sheet won't fit in my oven. They are butterscotch oatmeal cookies, they fucking rock!

Last weekend and then all last week, Ginger and I had a huge fight, it was really scary and I thought he was going to break up with me. It turned out, it really wasn't anything that serious, he just got really, really angry. He's a red-head, you know. Anyway, for about 2 days, I was as confused as hell because he was so mad at me, and all stressed out from his job, and he kept telling me why he was so angry, but it just didn't register in my head, I don't know what's wrong with me! Anyway, so we finally talked and talked about it, and I was not being there for him emotionally. I had gotten so wrapped up in my bike riding and yoga and turbo jam after work and on the weekends, that I wasn't seeing him at all. For maybe 2 hours in the evenings, then I'd crash out. He even asked me if I was seeing other guys, it was totally insane! And it took me, like, 3 days to figure it out, it really, really sucked. Anyway, here's what I fucking realized: With my ex-husband, who I was with for EIGHT YEARS, was such an emotional robot, he lived in an emotional bubble, he had this shell around him, and prided himself in never showing how he really felt about something when he was upset about hit, he thought that he was being in control, being strong. OK, so going from *that* to my Ginger, who is an *extremely* emotional person, I mean, he bases life decisions on emotions... well, I realized that it's a stretch for my little brain. I am going to have an adjustment period, it might even be going on right now. I've got to realize that he has feelings and real emotions, the guy that I'm with, the guy that I love, and I have to nurture them, instead of just looking out for myself.

But now, since we got through that (GOD.), everything's been easy-peezy lemon-squeezy.

So, that's what it's like to have a boyfriend after you get a divorce, y'all.

Last Sunday, I went on a 45-mile bikeride in the freezing cold with a bunch of other insane bicyclists, froze my freakin *ASS* off, it took me 45 minutes in the hot shower to start to feel my toes again.

Then yesterday, I did Bikram at 10, came home, changed my clothes, grabbed my bike, and drove to the Terry Hershey trail and rode 45 miles. It wasn't my intention to ride for that long (I rode from 1:30 to 5), it was just such a fucking gorgeous day, I couldn't stop!

This is the trail I rode on. I think this is the Bush part - there's a part of the trail named after Bush Sr. It's a really good trail, too.

The sky was beautiful!

There's this big grass incline, and some kids were sliding down on cardboard, it looked like so much fun!

SO! Ginger and I move in together in a week! Well, we're moving him in first (he's got to be out of his apartment mid-February) and then me (I don't have to be out of my place until the end of April). Wow, it's really happening! It's going to be so much easier to see each other all the time, we spend every free second together. Well, sometimes we do our own thing, but it's rare. Like now, he's actually working, so I came to my apartment to clean up a little bit, make the cookie dough, and update my downtown pictures and update here - man, I hadn't updated in, I think, two weeks. I totally have the ability to update on my phone, but I like to include pictures in my updates, and I don't know if I can do that on my phone.

I'll leave you with a cool picture of downtown the other morning:

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