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2009-03-22 - weekend entry

I went on a bikeride yesterday and today. I hadn't been on my bike in a month, and it has left me wondering if I will be prepared enough to do the ride April 18th and 19th.

Anyway, yesterday we went into the Texas Hills and rode amongst the bluebonnets and early morning fog. It was so strange, the fog.

We hadn't been on our bikes no less than 15 minutes when we saw this guy. His wife was following them with her camera - they were on their way to take his picture in the bluebonnet fields.

The bluebonnets were almost florescent blue.

And here's a field near the State Park headquarters.

And then here's this one:


When I got home from the ride yesterday afternoon, I went to my old apartment and loaded up a whole carload of crap. My boyfriend helped me unload it. He rocks. It took me 2 hours to load it and it took us 12 minutes to unload it. Goddamn! Granted, I was sorting through crap and throwing stuff away, etc. But Jesus Christ.

Then today when I got back from the ride (I rode about 45 miles, had to cut it short because I couldn't make it any longer) I went and got another car load of crap, only this time it only took me an hour and my boyfriend helped me unload it, once again. Hooray for the boyfriend!

I've got so much crap! I still have to pack/move the rest of the kitchen and two closets. Moving it such a pain in the ass.

And it's starting to get hot already. Today I got a twinge of a sunburn during the ride.

Oh, and we saw the mini-horses again yesterday, they are precious!

For the ride(s), I made peanut butter rice krispies treats, they were awesome and really hit the spot.

And Niko rocks. She's so smart. She knows how to open doors (they have handles, not doorknobs). She hangs on the handle with her little back feet dangling off the floor and pulls the handle down, then pushed the door open. Cool.

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