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2009-03-29 - Saturday morning... who's gonna play with me?!?

I had the perfect day yesterday, and my boyfriend and I spent the entire day together! I can't remember the last time we did that - both our lives are so busy, we both have so many friends. My life is worlds different than what it was a whole year ago. Man! It's a nice, wonderful change, I must say.

I feel bad that a couple of entries ago I was so negative about my boyfriend. Like I said, we have swinging ups, and swinging downs, and you just caught me in one of the downs. Now I'm on an up!

OK, so yesterday. We "slept in" until 10 (for me, that's sleeping in. I normally get up at 5:30) and then went to noon yoga. We were both kinda hungover because Friday night we went to a late comedy club show that was HILARIOUS. But the yoga class wasn't bad at all - the instructor didn't make it that hot. That really rarely happens, so it was kindof a treat to not get killed in class for once. And we were right beside each other, which is such an energy high for both of us. Man, I am SO into him when he goes to the Bikram yoga with me! So then we get home and take showers and all our friends are blowing up his cell phone asking when we're going to Westheimer festival. 3 o'clock is what we're telling people. So we both get on our bikes (!) and ride the 3 or 4 miles to #s and watch crappy bands for a few hours and talk to all our friends and drink margaritas in the sun. Hell yes, the weather was frickin *perfect*. Then we rode home before the sun set, but ended up stopping at 2 bars on the way home and saw even more of our friends. We didn't drink, though. Then we came home and took more showers and got all dressed up to go to the Meridian, only we couldn't find parking and my boyfriend couldn't get his ATM card to work, AND we saw a wreck right next to the club, so we totally felt it was all a sign we shouldn't go out at ALL. We ended up just going through the Taco Bell drive through and coming home and watching TV and crashing out. Oh, but the best part of Saturday was waking up in my boyfriends arms and making sweet passionate love, ooo it was good. Sorry for being all personal, but it was good. =]

So anyway, yesterday was just frickin perfect, and in contrast.... today just was not.

I got up at 5 to go on a bikeride. We went 62 miles. It was called the Bluebonnet Xpress, but shit, we didn't see many Bluebonnets. It was disappointing. My heart just wasn't into it today. 62 miles is the most I've gone this year, training.

I took a picture of some horses, I guess that was kinda cool. The babies are cute at least.

And oh, get this... it was THIRTY SEVEN degrees when we arrived at the start of the ride. We drove an hour out of the city. It was 54 degrees when I got up this morning! The temperature dropped that much just driving out of the city, can you believe that?!? So yeah, it was frickin cold for about 2 hours, then it started to warm up.

This is what it looked like the whole ride. Not many flowers.

We got home from the ride about 3:30 this afternoon, I took a shower and then went to my old apartment and loaded up my car one more time. It's 8 now, and the crap's still sitting in my car. I'm too tired to go unload. My boyfriend's been at a job since 10 this morning (he's been there for TEN hours, poor thing) and I'm waiting for him to get home to help me unload. And we need to get food!

I'd like to cook, but I'm too tired. I need to go to the grocery store to buy some cucumbers and fruit for next week's lunches. I'm still packing my lunches, that hasn't changed.

I cooked 3 times last week! Granted, one meal was Kraft mac-n-cheese with cut-up hot dog weiners. But it was whole grain pasta, at least! (My boyfriend LOVED it, he thought it was the freakin bomb. He's such a dude! Ha ha ha!) It's nice.

Things are really nice right now. I want to really express that right now. Life's good.

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