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2009-04-21 - I'm wearing black nail polish

I putzed out on the ride Sunday. I didn't ride. The organizers wanted all 13,000 of us to start at the half-way point (La Grange), park our cars there, and ride to Austin. OK, I just didn't feel like dealing with all the traffic and bullshit.

So I didn't ride.

I ended up sleeping in with my boyfriend, we lay in bed all day and watched porn on his laptop. Wait, that was Saturday. Sunday we went out on his motorcycle and rode about 4 hours all around town. It was great!

I did yoga yesterday and worked on organizing the kitchen. It looks so much better. You can now walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without having to step over any boxes.

I took yesterday off, and today too. It was supposed to be my "recovery days" from the MS 15O.

Today I've got to go over to my old apartment and finish cleaning and wait for the Donation Center truck to show up and take the sofa and the bed. I hope they come soon so I can go to noon yoga.

Then tonight I've got class and I'll get home around 9. It's from 6-9, I'l probably leave around 4:30 to beat traffic.

Ok, so I'm totally *loving* living with my boyfriend. We haven't had one of those horrible yelling fights in a couple of months, now. I think it was the combo of me getting over my divorce, and us just getting used to each other's fiery personalities, it's much better. We're both Sagittarius, you know. I mean, we've had an insane year together. I was going through a divorce, I had to move from my old apartment because it got sold to new owners and they kicked everyone out, when I did move, it was into an older complex, and we had a hard rain and my ceiling collapsed and I couldn't stay in my apartment for a week, then my car died in the middle of I-10 during rush hour traffic on the way home from work, plus being in a new relationship, WHOA! It was a lot to handle in one year.

Oh, I have to tell you something sad about my motorcycle buying plans! Well, during the divorce, I forgot to change my W4, so when I got my taxes done a couple weeks ago, I owed close to a thousand dollars! So, there went my motorcycle fund. Poof! Gone. But there's hope! My boyfriend isn't letting me pay any rent, he wants me to save up for my motorcycle and pay off my credit cards, etc. How fucking cool is that?!? I am head over heels for this guy. He really really takes care of me.

Sometimes I don't think it's real.

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