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2009-04-24 - contusions

Man, I feel like I've been hit by a Suburban.

The wreck was totally the other guy's fault. He made a left turn and completely plowed into me. I was going west, and he was going east, on the same street. I guess he didn't see me? Anyway, it happened right in front of a fire truck, so within seconds, I was surrounded by firemen and they had to pry the door open. I had a witness who stayed until the cops came and told them what happened, because I sure didn't. The dude that hit me got a ticket. And he has insurance, thank god.

Oh, and my car's totaled. I have to buy a new car now. Deja vu, anyone? Wasn't I buying a new car last April?

Here's a pic of my seatburn rash:

My neck is really, really sore. My wrist hurts more today. I think I got whiplash. I've got a dr appointment this morning, just to make sure I'm OK. You never know. Things might come up later.

TGIF!!! I really love Fridays.

Let's look on the bright side. Brin, you're right. I am lucky to be alive. I really am. Life is so fragile. Beautiful and fragile.

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