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2009-05-01 - I love Pandora because she just played Freezepop

Man, life is so good! Wrecking your car, going thru all that shit, is SO much easier than a divorce.

One week later, and all is good again in Acorn's jungle. I am breaking even with my car loan and how much the insurance is giving me. And I didn't even have GAP insurance! I didn't even know what that was a week ago.

The 'rents loved my boyfriend. He charmed their pants off!

We went to the bar Saturday night, the night before meeting the 'rents. They had some new art that was rabbit-centric. Here's one such piece:

Texas landscape along I-10 last Sunday:

On my parent's property. Thor died last January, so Sparky doesn't have his brother anymore. So my dad got 2 more puppies, a girl and a boy, brother and sister, they are Rhodesian Ridgebacks. So cute!

And here's my baby Oso in the background. I love him so much!

It was a friend of our's graduation last night. We went to an Asian restaurant and got a good dose of Engrish...

So, in a week's time: I wrecked my car and got a new one. It's exactly like my old one, only a darker hue, lower monthly payments, and brand spankin' new.

I can't explain my new life, these highs, these lows, it's such a wonderful swing-ride that I'm on. Remember spider-swing?

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