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2009-06-12 - How soon is now?

Dude, it's frickin hot outside! It's supposed to be a heat index of 110F this weekend. Damn!

I'm currently inside our apartment drinking a Tecate with some lime squeezed in it. I don't leave the lime in the can, I throw it away because I'm very particular about how the last few swallows of my beer taste, and if I leave the lime wedge in the beverage, it makes the last few swallows too lime-y.

This beer is well-deserved. I've been working my ass off this whole week. I think I'm going to go in tomorrow, to work on this project that I need done for my yearly review. If I don't have it done, I might not get a raise. I didn't get a raise last year because my mind was blown to bits from the divorce, and I let a lot of shit just fall to the wayside. Not like me at all. I've been all motivated lately, it's great. The raise: we all might not get a raise after all because of the economy. They haven't told my boss they are giving out raises this year. Sucks!

I'm still off the caffeine, too! It's great. I don't have to hassle with my mug of tea in the morning, juggling that with my lappy, my lunchbox, purse.

I've been cooking a lot more lately, it's fantastic. Richard loves my cooking. And I love being back in the kitchen. The kitchen in our new apartment is badass, it has lots of counter space and I have plenty of room to move around in. It's very open, too, it blends with the dining area and the living area very nicely.

OK, I'm going to hit the (done!) button now.

Peace out and TGIF!
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