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2009-07-19 - Sunday and I'm with you

Lots has been happening.

Thor died.

Oso died.

They both lived with my 'rents, on 6 acres. I'm so sad about this. Especially Oso. It happened about 3 weeks ago, Oso that is. Thor died from kidney problems. Oso had an infection on his skin that took him over, so he died. Or so I'm told. I'll never know the true story, probably. And my dad didn't even bury Oso on the property. He paid the vet $50 to put him to sleep and dispose of the body.

My dad's not doing that well, physically & emotionally, so it's understandable he didn't want the hassle.

My little guy.

Here's the last picture I took of him, from last April. It was the last time I saw him. Richard got to meet him - I'm *so* happy about that. He was such a sweet, sweet doggy. (The rotty in the back.)


Let's change the subject.

What have I been up to?

I have been non-stop with the boyfriend, we go so many places all the time, it's always insane! Like last week, we went out for *one drink* and ended up going to see Clutch. (I hadn't really listened to their music, but they are really, really good live.)

We saw Bruno - so hilarious.

We rented Horton Hears a Who - that is such a great movie and it made me laugh a LOT. I just love Katie, she cracks me up! "In my world, the people all eat unicorns and poop rainbows!"

I converted my road bike (the Panasonic) to a fixed gear last week - I took it to the bike shop, they did it and I paid them $. It's frickin awesome. I rode it home from the bike shop Wednesday. Then this morning I rode 30 miles with one of my girl friends. (It was all flat, no hills.) With a fixie, you can't coast, and I kept forgetting and when I'd go into coast mode with my body, the next split second my bike would jerk underneath me to remind me... "Hey dumbass, you can't coast with this thing, remember?!" And I was like, "Oh yeah! I forgot." It was really, really, cool, the simplicity of the ride. I did keep the brakes on, I'm not completely insane! But it's weird, you don't *have* to use the brakes, you can just put opposite pressure on the pedals (like you're going to stand up on the pedals), and you instantly slow down. Very different. But yet, it's still a bike, you dig?

Alien was on TV the other night, and we watched the chest burster scene, so good. I heard tell they are making another Alien movie, a prequel to the first one. Sigorney, I love you.

We went to the Symphony a week ago to see "the Music of Star Trek & More Sci-Fi". How cool is that? Richard had never been to the symphony before. They had a costume contest, about 20 people dressed up. They even played the score from the new Star Trek film - they were only the 3rd symphony in the galaxy (the conductor's words) to play it! Neat-o.

I'm on a monthly visiting schedule to see my 'rents. So's my older sister. It's much needed. My little sister's losing it a bit. She's gotten all mean and won't return my texts or phone calls lately. I don't get it. I mean, aren't we all supposed to work together here?

I went 30 miles on my bike ride today, as I mentioned before. The weather was so extraordinarily pleasant! It's usually a million degrees at this time of year, even when you get up at 5 AM to go on a bikeride. I didn't even get a tan! And we were in the sun for 4 hours! Wow.

Musics I've been listening to:
Eric B and Rakim
VNV Nation
Saul Williams
the Horrors
soundtrack from the movie "Judgment NIght"

I love new music!

Here's some pictures I took recently:

These next 2 are from my ride this morning:

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