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2009-08-28 - trip to New York City to see NiN

Hi there!

My boyfriend and I went to NYC this past weekend to see NiN at Webster Hall Sunday night. It was a whirlwind trip. We were there for 3 days, 2 nights. The concert was amazing. He did everything from the Downward Spiral. It was so hot, I thought I was going to die! Afterwards, I was squeezing sweat from my clothes. The Horrors opened, they were awesome, too. And I caught a NiN guitar pick!!! Wow. And this was my first real trip with Richard, and it was so frickin amazing. I don't know, it was weird. I traveled like how Wade used to travel, like how I used to HATE how he traveled, and here I was doing the exact same thing.... and loving it: non-stop, trying to see everything, not lingering anywhere.... dunno. Can't give you an explanation, only that I am with the right person, now. What do you think about that?!?

Now, here's an onslaught of pictures and stuff. Enjoy!

Saturday 8/22/09
We left Houston at 8 in the morning. The sun was rising when we got to the airport:

We flew into JFK (note to self, next time go into La Guaradia) and took a limo service (only, it's not really a limo, it's a Lincoln towncar, and it's actually cheaper than a taxi) into town and hit some traffic and RAIN, OH NO!

When we got to the hotel (in Midtown. Note to self, next time stay in Lower East side or Chinatown.) we flew up to our room, threw down our backpacks, changed our shoes (only, Richard didn't change his shoes) and headed out.

Here's pictures from our walk from Midtown, meandering around, ended up in Grand Central Station.

Church fence with cool colored fabric ties.

This building reminded me of Gaudi.

Flatiron building. I liked this building a lot.

This is near Madison Square Park where they have this really cool dogpark right in the middle of the city!

Outside of Grand Central Station.

Me inside Grand Central Station. It was *SO* beautiful in there.

Here's the clock in the middle. It's famous! I think the face is made out of real crystal, and it's irreplaceable.

The Chrysler building was badass. This is a view of the side, about 3/4 the way up.

Then we walked all the way down to the Lower East side. Yes, this was stupid. Richard got blisters bad, and I had to doctor his feet with bandaids and hydrocortisone every morning.

We took the subway to Brooklyn to go to a party with a friend and they have these weird sculptures.

One we got to Brooklyn, I didn't take any pictures, I don't know why. We jumped off the subway and started walking thru this cool part with street musicians. We stopped in a liquor store and bought some vodka and a big sugar free red bull, got 3 paper cups from the clerk, and poured it 3 ways. Instant Vodka Red Bull! We continued walking to the party, getting nice and toasty along the way. The party was OK, lots of artsy fartsy people, so we headed up to the roof and had a fantastic view of the city at night - WOW. Then we took a taxi home. We got home way too late, cuz we had to get up early the next morning.

8/23/09 Sunday
We got up at 8! I had signed us up for a guided bike tour with Bike the Big Apple called "The Park and Soul Tour" where they take you thru Central Park and Harlem. We had to be at the bike shop at 10, and I wanted to have a bagel and coffee first. So we took a cab to the block where the bike shop (I was praying they'd have a bagel shop on the same bike, and they did, of course) So we carb-loaded and then hopped over to the bike shop, got assigned to our tour group, they gave us bikes and helmets and we were off! There were 2 tour groups. We got the cool group. Our group was me and Richard, a family of 4 from Germany, a couple from Belgium, and this chick from Spain = WE WERE ALL IN SHAPE and didn't have to go slow. (The other group was old people and kids.) We covered *SO* much ground, it's insane. We were biking form 10AM to about 4PM. We stopped a lot along the way, probably went about 15 miles. Here, enjoy the pics:

Central park sculpture, I forget who this was...

One of these was where Woody Allen used to live. One of our tour guides (we had 2) used to be a roof-top gardner to the celebrities, so he had been up there, gardening for Woody Allen.

Another cool sculpture in Central Park:

This is unbelievable. This is an obelisk from Egypt built in 1500 BC. It was brought over to NYC in the 1800's as a gift from Egypt. It came over on a frickin *boat*. It's here behind the Met, hidden. I was so in awe.

Twisty tree.

I love this picture. It's so peaceful.

Now we ride North to Harlem. This is Duke Ellington, way up high.

We're on Malcolm X Blvd, this is the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque.

These next 2 pictures are buildings exactly across the street from each other. There's a lot of contrast in Harlem.

Then we went to church! I took a video. It was *SO* cool!!! The Europeans were very freaked out by the experience, though. =]

Shiloh Church of Christ on West 128th street. There are over 600 churches in Harlem.

Then we ate at a Soul Food buffet.

Then we stopped at the Apollo Theater!

There was this wall next to the theater where you could sign your respects to Michael Jackson, cuz he's dead and all. I love the "Keep the Legacy 0 Buy T-Shirts" part. Everyone's trying to make money, right.

Then we went back into Central Park.

Here's the bike group, minus me and Richard. That's one of the tour guides in the green helmet.

This is a cool building, I have no idea it's purpose in this world.

Here's the Jackie O Reservoir.

Then we went to see the building where John Lennon was shot. Yoko still lives there. It's called the Dakota. This was sad.

By that time it was past 3:30 and we had to race back to the bike shop with our guides and the rest of the team. We turned in our bikes and helmets and hailed a cab to our hotel.

For the concert, we were supposed to be in the line to get our tickets by 4:30! We were late. By the time we got to the line, it wrapped 3/4 around the block. We had to get in one line first, get wrist bands, get our tickets (everyone had to do this. Trent tries really hard to prevent scalping.) then get in *another* line. So, it's about 6 and we're waiting in line and we're totally starving and the lines not moving, supposedly the doors open at 6:30. So there was a Subway across the street and I had Richard hold our place in line and I ran over there and got us some sandwiches. I almost got hit by a cab on the way back, I'm such a loon - but I didn't!!!

The concert was BADASS. Like I said, he played the whole of the Downward Spiral, and Reptile!!! (I love that song) and *Metal* AND a Warm Place, which he's supposedly never played live before. We were in the mosh pit for 2 & 1/2 hours, it was so fricking awesome! We were very very tired afterwards. We took a cab back to the hotel and crashed.

I took a picture of the Horror's CD we got for free at the concert, my wristband, and the NiN pick I caught.

8/24/09 Monday - our last day in NYC

We had White Castle for Breakfast.

We did Times Square, it was touristy and busy. But still, it was cool to see it. You see it on TV and the movies all the frickin time.

The NY Times building.

Richard and Hello Kitty.

Acorn in Times Square.

This is where they drop the ball on New Year's Eve.

I took a video of Times Square, watch it!

Then we took a cab to Ground Zero. I don't know why I wanted to see it, I just did. It just so happened that they were delivering a beam back to the site (it was the last beam to leave the site when they cleared everything out), so they were having a ceremony later that day. I took a picture, you can't really see anything, but that's the space where it happened, behind that blue fence.

Then we walked to the financial district. We saw the business crowd. It was lunchtime for the suits.

Here's a dude having his lunch in a peaceful cemetery.

Cool church.

Delivery truck on Wall Street.


Wall St. sign.

Then we headed down to the Staten Island Ferry (it's free!)

View from the ferry.

Statue of Liberty.

I took a video of the Statue of Liberty, watch it here.

The city from the ferry.

Then we took a cab to Little Italy (it's tiny now).

And Chinatown's nearby. I had something from a stand that didn't have anything in English and it was *delicious* noodles and something balls.

Then we cabbed it back to our hotel, grabbed our backpacks, got our car service, and we were on our way back to the airport. =[

View from the car...

We had to take a tunnel to Queens. I took a video.


The trip made me *VERY* very very happy. I loved NYC! I want to go back again and spend more time. It was such a whirlwind, you know? Richard and I were so close the whole time. I'm not saying we didn't spat about things, but it was really good. I didn't come back hating him... hooray!!!

So anyway, work's good, my cat's good, life's good, I'm back on the caffeine...

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