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2009-10-05 - Back from ACL 2009

Well hello there, I am back!

The ACL was a raging success! The first day was perfect weather, the second day it rained all day, and the 3rd day was a mudfest.

Here's me on the first day! Our hotel was beside a cemetery.

In the parking lot, there was some creative stenciling going on with the parking lot lines.

I have 6 GB of pictures and video to sort through, so I'm just gonna post a few pics.... not of music/stuff from the festival at this time.

Let me just say, that Them Crooked Vultures rocked, no... they more than rocked. They were my favorite band hands down, for the festival. I was completely floored and freaking out. Dave Grohl is the fucking SHIT!! And yes, I have to use profanity.

And then the other freak-out moment was last night the 2nd to the last song Pearl Jam (YES I fucking saw Pearl Jam!), Eddie says, "And here's the guy that invented this thing! Perry Farrell!!!" and FUCKING PERRY FARRELL walks out and they sing Mountain Song by Jane's!!!! I think I peed my pants a little bit.

Awww how cute...here's me and Richard on the bus the first day...

So, 3 days of music and fun and awesomeness...too bad tomorrow I have to go back to work. =[

Today we checked out of our hotel at 11:30, stopped at the HEB I used to work at when I went to UT back in the mid-90's, got some picnic supplies, and headed to Mt. Bonnel. Then we stopped at another park and I took this picture of a palm or some kind of palm-like plant.


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