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2009-10-11 - Did you call the vet., Because these puppies are *sick*!

I'm at rooD txeN ehT bar having Tecates with lime, Richard's having vodkaredbulls, and so's our friend who joined us.

We're the only 3 people in the bar, we're sitting at the bar, and so's the bartender, we're all watching TV. Wait, I lied. That's what they're doing. I'm on one of their 6 comfy sofas. Or couches. I haven't decided which one is most fitting, paragraphically.

I went on a ride this morning, rode my Kona mountain bike. I bought my 4th bicycle this week. It's a racing road bike, only I'm getting it modified to have mtb handlebars and clips for my shoes, bitches!! I can't wait. It's my ultimate dream bike, and it's happening. See, ever since I converted my Panasonic road bike into a fixie, I've had this hole in my heart for a "normal" road bike with gears, so I can go on all those organized rides with my MS150 friends....

So one of my friends found this racing bike (used) at a local bike shop, and I snatched it up. Its got carbon forks (front *and* back), and it's all black with red lettering. I'm getting white mtb handlebars with black/red grips. Fuck yeah!

Saw Zombieland yesterday and it's *so* hilarious! It was a bit violent, though, but 15 minutes into it, I was conditioned.

Chris Rock has a domentary out that I want to check out, but it's not showing yet in Houston anywhere!

I put up my Halloween decorations, they look badass. I have a vampire bat.

For halloween I'm going to be a mummy. I ordered the costume thru Amazon (yes I'm a fucking consumer). We're going to yet another music festival that weekend.

It's Monday tomorrow. Fuck the corporate world.

I'm completely head over heels for Flash Forward.

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