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2009-10-29 - Taking the day off

Hey what up?

I decorated the door to our place.

Here's my Niko! I love her and she loves me.

I went on a bike ride last Sunday and took some pictures.

It's been dark and rainy days lately.

This is a total bummer. Things that are that frickin cool just can't last forever, can they.

My boyfriend and I have been going crazy with the concerts lately. We've seen the Tragically Hip (they played Escape is at Hand for the Travellin Man!), RevCo (lots of grab-ass), and Built to Spill to name the last 3. I'm kinda concert weary!

Crazy things with the fam and my dad and dementia-Mom. My older sister and I have been on this schedule to visit my mom each once a month (drive there), and call her every other day. Well, my dad's all paranoid now that we are meddling in his affairs and he's all defensive and mean last time I called. They hired someone to watch my mom when he's away on work (the man's almost 70 and he is still doing welding jobs. Either that or he's visiting his girlfriends.) and all I wanted to do was ask my mom how she liked the lady, did they have fun playing Scrabble, etc. and my dad grabbed the phone and yelled at me, "I know what you're trying to do!" He thought I was spying on him and that I didn't believe he was doing the right thing for mom. I was just trying to hear about her fun times. What an asshole. And he wonders why we don't like to visit. He totally comes between me and my enjoyment of my mom's company. She's so carefree now, so happy, very Jesus-fied, but that's OK. I take her to church on Sundays that I visit and she's beaming the whole time. She has no idea what the pastor's talking about, but she likes the music and can sing along all the words. She still carries on a conversation quite well, only forgets a few words now and then if they're not commonly used words. Me and my sisters are all trying to work together to make sure everything's OK. My little sister lives in the same city, so most of the responsibility goes to her in keeping track of things. Her hubby's a great help, too. He is one of the few human beings on the planet who can actually talk to my dad. (I've said this before, my dad's a liar and paranoid all the time, and is very angry and doesn't trust anyone.)

Life is good!

I chopped my hair! Richard's absolutely *crazy* about it.

I'm off today!
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