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2009-11-25 - your mom likes turkey


I was so stressed out at work the past month and I had a mental breakdown of sorts the past week, but I'm a lot better now. All it took was some TLC communication with my boyfriend. I tend to clam up and get angry and that's frustrating for all involved. Richard's insanely crazy about me and I feel so much better when I open up to him. I'm totally mental sometimes, but that's OK. Who's not a little bit?

I got Them Crooked Vultures and it is the fucking bomb. My favorite song is Gunman. Seeing them play live was.... I don't have words. It was really intense and Dave Grohl is like Animal from the muppets.

I've got pictures and video from ACL (Austin City Limits music fest) and from Voodoo fest/Halloween, but I just haven't had time to do anything with them!

Here's a pic from the day before Halloween. I made my hair into horns and that's really Richard's tongue sticking out.

We're ordering pizza tonight for dinner.

We're getting up at 6 to go to see the 'Rents tomorrow with my little sis and her hubby. Then they're leaving early to go see his 'Rents, and like HELL I'm staying there with my insane father, even though it would make my mom happy. I can't stand his ass.He's being all paranoid and irrational about revealing what he's doing with mom's care, he got a caretaker and didn't tell anyone. I don't know why, I mean, we're all here to help, and she seems alright (the caretaker seems cool), so why would he try to hide things from us (me and my sisters)? It's making me crazy and I've been angry with my little sister. Oh God, it's just nuts. So anyway, my goal tomorrow is to drive up, see the fam, don't stir up any shit with anybody even if it makes me really mad, I have to remember I'm there for my MOM.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for: being able to communicate with my boyfriend on a level I've never experienced before, and reaching for further.

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