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2009-11-27 - Can't sleep

It's 5:20AM and I can't sleep. I've been up since 3AM. We went to sleep at 9 last night, we were both so drained. We drove to SA and back in one day (it's a 3 hour drive) for Thanksgiving. Being around my fam is really emotionally taxing.

So I'm uploading stuff to YouTube, finally. My computer's in the bedroom, and Richard's in bed asleep. I had put on a radio station from iTunes and we fell asleep to that. I haven't been on my computer at all lately this past year or so, I'm sure you've noticed. So it's kinda weird to be on it, but it feels good! So the glow of the screen is on the lump of covers that is my boyfriend. It feels like... home.

Anyway, so I'll let you know when I get done.

The cats are all weirded out because I'm up. Niko's meowing at me because she wants breakfast. She is the voice of the whole feline clan at this moment. I guess I'll go feed them some yummy cat food!

Our Thanksgiving feast was actually really tasty! I didn't cook at all (which is weird, normally I do a lot of the cooking), Rita and her hubby did most of the cooking, my dad did the turkey and it turned out really good, we were all like, WHAT? DAD COOKED A YUMMY TURKEY?!?! and he made stuffing, too. It was his mom's recipe (Grandma Ama's dead) so that was kinda cool. I bought a pecan pie from my favorite BBQ restaurant here in town. Then afterwards we had b'day cake (Rita baked one for me cuz I turn 35 Saturday). It was all crazy-rushed because she and Ricky had to get to his family's Thanksgiving gathering, he's got a huge ass Mexican family and they haven't all been together in one place in about 6 years.

OK, bye!
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