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2009-12-05 - quinoa

I've really been getting into cooking again lately. Last night I made quinoa pancakes, yeah, I made up the recipe. They were big and fluffy with nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, and we put warm maple syrup and butter on them. And soups with quinoa are awesome, don't you know? And tonight I made whole wheat spiral pasta and topped it with a mixture of bacon, garlic, and fresh tomatoes sauteed in olive oil. It was yummy. I have garlic breath now.

I had a b'day and I turned 35 a week ago.

I got a b'day letter from Anneliese! Yes, all the way from Switzerland! It was the best present ever. I wish she'd write me more, or email, goddammit.

It's Richard's b'day this weekend - we're 8 days apart. We're celebrating tonight. The celebration was going to be last night, but it snowed. In Houston. It was so beautiful! I had to drive home from work in the snow yesterday.


So here's some pictures...

We went on a bike ride a couple weekends ago, before it got cold. They are building a bridge on a trail that leads downtown.

On the way to SA...

Here's our kitties:

You can see the notch in his ear...poor thing.

Oh, and I got the magic mouse and it's really really really really neat-o.

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