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2009-12-19 - Come have a drink with me tonight!

I forgot to tell you... we got a non-hetero mayor! Awesomeness.

I had yesterday off, but I worked from home mostly. It was nice to sleep in anyway. I was still in my pyjamas at 3:30 PM, which isn't really in my personal constitution. My cat cuddled with me all day, she loves it when I'm home. I like being home with my kitty, too. Richard had to go out to work, so I had the place to myself for a while, which is really rare. I listened to iTunes radio all day, they have some good stations in the electronica section.

Last weekend we went out and stuff and I took some pictures.

I've really really got to clean today. There are clumps of cat hair on the floor everywhere, it's disgusting!

X-mas update: I haven't purchased a single present for anyone, nor do I intend to. For our secret Santa thing at work, I gave my person cash. Richard & I aren't exchanging gifts. I did, however, send out 12 X-mas cards to various people/family I know around the country.

My secret Santa person got me the Abyss! I love that movie. I used to have it, but I think I loaned it out to someone, and forgot who I loaned it out to. Anyway, they got me the special edition!

I ordered one of those pamphlets from Dear Abby called "How To Be Popular", but I haven't read it, yet. I've been kinda bitchy to people at work this past year, and I want my New Year's resolution to be that I'm not bitchy to people and to be more likeable (i.e. popular) at work. It's just something I'm going to try. I'm totally the outlier all the time, I have been my whole life, I just don't fit in (looks, personality, energy, I'm kinda hyper), so I'm going to try this at work. Just at work, not in my real life!!!

I didn't drink at all last night. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

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