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2009-12-24 - Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! I had to work yesterday. There was some hullaballoo with my Rents. They were going to drive to Florida yesterday from San Antonio and visit me along the way, but a whole day and 15 emails later they said they're leaving today instead. Who the fuck drives to Florida from Texas on Christmas Eve? That's right: my Rents. My dad doesn't know how to use email, much less the computer, so all the emails were coming from my mom, translating what my dad's telling her. What chaos. I don't want to see him, so that makes me not want to see them. And that's sad. Because my mom just wants to see one of her daughters for Christmas, but that ain't happenin. I sent them a Christmas card. She was happy about that.

Anyway, sometimes I take pictures when we're out drinking. I want to get a new camera with my tax-return money, whenever (if) that happens.

I'm growing this grass for the cats, but they don't seem interested, yet.

I made cookies this morning for tomorrow! They're so freakin yummy!


So for the past 2 Christmases and past 2 b'days for me and my boyfriend, we haven't gotten gifts for each other. It was just too nuts and we're both too broke, and we just came to an understanding with each other we weren't going to do it. We wanted to, don't get me wrong, it's just that life got in the way. And it's not like we don't do cool things for each other, because we do all the time. And we've been on cool trips to cool places this past year, so it's not like we haven't spent a little cash. So anyway, our New Year's resolution kinda is going to be to give presents to each other for 1. our anniversary, 2. our b'days and 3. Xmas. I think that's a great plan!

Well, I want to work out today at the gym and I'm trying to convince Richard to go with me and I think he's going to go with me. Groovy.
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