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2010-01-16 - Someone tried to steal the stuffed monkey last night!

It's 9 and I've been awake since 6, lying in bed. With kitties and the electric blanket. I've been reading the news, all about Haiti, what a fucked up scene, man. They're saying to cross the border from the Dominican Republic takes 12 to 18 hours. Makes me wonder about the health of their border relations. But that was just one of many things I came across. Or what did you think about Pat Robertson's judgment call on why all this was happening? It's called plate tectonics, fucker. Yeesh, don't even get me started.

Well, Fran's leaving today to go back to Europe. Yeah, she lives kinda far. We hung out Wednesday night, Richard and I took her to all our bars and she had a blast! I only spilled 1 drink on her, awright! She kept saying she was so happy to see me again, and that she understood why I pushed her away back then. No worries. It's just really awesome. We're gonna try to do the Skype thing. I saw her one last time last night on my way home from work. It was raining and traffic-y and it took me an hour to get there. We just hung out at her condo and talked for an hour before some friends of hers were picking her up. She gave me a bunch of cool stuff from her place because she's gonna try to sell her condo soon.

And... there's this other chick from my past that's recently resurfaced! Wait, I can't remember if I talked about her before... we used to work together. Anyway, SHE's back, and we had lunch with her hubby and daughter (who's almost 2, a real miracle baby, I'd never met her) New Year's day, and we're having lunch again today. How groovy is that?!?

Chicks, man.

I never made that biscotti last weekend. I want to make it today after we get back from lunch.

Tomorrow I'm going on a bike ride with my old bike team. I'm not doing the MS15O this year (well, that's what I'm saying now), but I enjoy the training rides with my bike friends. We've got a really cool team. And it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow with a high of 60F (Fahrenheit). Yeah, sometimes Texas is a pretty fucking awesome place to live.

We'll probably just go 20 miles, easy ride. I'll bring my camera.

Well, it's now 9:18 and I don't think I'll be falling back asleep. I'm such a hyper little thing, heaven knows I drive Richard crazy with my wily & spry-ness. Gonna go do Turbo Jam!

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