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2010-01-23 - Repetitions

It's getting nuts-o at work with my coworker being out on maternity leave. I have had to work through my lunch and stay til 6 or 7 every night this week.

We went out Thursday night and got wasted, then I was hungover all day yesterday, then we went out last night and did it all over again! Ow. My liver hurts. At least I slept in this morning.

Last Saturday I crunched the tip of my pinky finger in this folding step stool we keep in the kitchen cuz I'm short and can't reach anything. It fucking hurt! it's been swollen all week, and it was blue the first 2 days. I had a makeshift splint on it the past 2 days, and that's helped. My fingernail has a blue dot in the middle. Re: ow.

There was a fire near where I work the other day. I work on a higher-up floor and took a picture. Looksee!

I made biscotti last weekend, it was so freakin good! Chocolate biscotti with white chocolate chips. I switched up the recipe a little bit, subbing in 1/4 cup of the flour with corn meal. That's the secret ingredient. No one can tell except your tastebuds, and they say THAT'S FREAKIN DELICIOUS!!!!

Also, we were out a couple weeks ago and I took this shot and forgot to post it. The bricks were all damp from the fountain, and the light was shining off the moisture just beautiful. I hate being one of those people that takes B&W pics all the time, but sometimes it just makes things look cooler when you change the setting on your camera.


Speaking of cameras - I'm learning learning learning my new camera. I got a gadget for it at Richard's computer store...

What is it? What is it? What is it? It's a tripod! (That's my old camera on there.)

It bends every which way. It's super-sturdy. You can even hook it to hang from things.

I take it to the bar and take pictures of things when I'm getting hammered.

Me and Richard having dinner last night. I thought our reflection looked cool.

Man! My pinky hurts! I've been typing with it, I don't have the splint on. I need to remedy that.

But I need to go to the gym. Hmm.. gym or turbo jam? Gym or turbo jam?

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