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2010-01-27 - It's OK to eat beaver during Lent

So, I've got this friend who buys stuff on eBay a lot. I think I called her "Roxy" in a past entry, but I can't remember 100%. I myself have never bought anything from eBay. Anyway, she bought these boots (they were used) and was totally bummed because they didn't fit her. Well, we both wear a size 6, and the boots were size 6, but they didn't fit her. So I was like, "Hey Roxy - next time you come over, bring the damn boots and if I like them and they fit, I'll buy them from you. Cuz I'm always on the lookout for a cool new pair of black boots." So, here they are. She had to let them go, it made her so very very sad because she bought them for an insanely low bid or something.

Saturday night we found ourselves driving home from a friend's house and saw this atrocity. It's a brightly lit cross, one hundred seventy feet tall (that's about 8 or 9 stories tall). A local church constructed it. Ack! Jesus!

Sunday I went on a bikeride by myself (I rode about 2 hours) and the weather was *perfect*.

Remember my kick-ass tripod? I attached it to my handlebars and took some preliminary video. I have to stabilize it better somehow, cuz the filming is super-shaky. I'm thinking bungee cords. But still - does this not ROCK?!?

For the first time ever (and I've had this laptop for about 2 years, maybe a year and a half), I'm geeking out on the couch with Richard. Why haven't I done this sooner? Because it was all attached to my desk/monitor/speakers in the bedroom and I didn't want to hassle with detaching it. I would totally update more often if I geeked out on the couch with Richard more often.

Yes, those are new glasses attached to my frickin head!

One of our kitties:

My pinky is still messed up. I really think I broke it, cuz it still hurts.

Roxy and her man came over last night and we watched Heathers. That movie is so badass. Christian Slater is so hot, is what I was thinking the whole time, then I felt dirty afterwards for thinking a boy in high school was hot. And also it reminded me how cool I think smoking is. I used to be a smoker in college, then I quit. It's been 10+ years probably. I've tried to start smoking again because I think it just looks so cool, but I get really sick every time, it pisses me off! So I bum cigarettes off my friends sometimes and light it and just let it burn and pretend I'm smoking. It's dumb.

I ate at McDonald's tonight and consumed over 800 calories. Ugh! I'm going to do turbo jam in the morning.

I've been able to wear these pants that I used to not be able to wear cuz I was getting kinda pudgy after the divorce. Slowly but surely I'm getting back into shape. The bike rides and the turbo jam surely help.

If I didn't drink so much frickin booze all the frickin time, I'd get in shape much much faster.

Dude, I have to go. MANSWERS is on!!!

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