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2010-01-30 - chicks, man

Thursday I had a long day at work, it was 5:30 or 6 when I got off work. Then I went home and was there for about an hour, then Richard picked me up so I could help him with one of his jobs. Anyway, we worked until 1AM - manual labor, yay! I had a 17 hour day Thursday. So what did we do after we finished? We went to the bar and had a couple drinks to wind down, of course.

So I got about 2 hours of sleep Thursday night and yesterday I was hungover a good part of the morning, then dragging the rest of the day. It's still really nuts at work with my coworker on maternity. I have this one customer who is the bane of my existence and she's been totally up my ass all week because she wants this stuff done (I know I'm being really vague here, I don't want the internet to know what I do for a living, but if you want to know that's cool I don't mind sayin) and I'm like, "LADY!!!"

And I've been trying to get this frickin billing done the past 3 weeks (billing that my maternity-leave-coworker was supposed to have completed before she had her kid but it didn't get done, wasn't her fault) but I've been having stuff to do for customers and then and then and THEN!

I like weekends.

I love weekends!

So anyway, I'm at work all day cruising along best I can with a hangover and Richard calls me (he's just as tired as I am at this point), "Acorn. I have bad news. We have to go out tonight."

We have this couple/friends and she just got a new job at this new bar (they have excellent food by the way, who knew?!?) and she wanted us to come by for her maiden voyage. It was SO frickin cold last night! It went from being in the 60's one day to being in the lower 40's. In fact, I think it's 37 degrees Fahrenheit right now! Brrrr. Anyway, so yeah, we went out and I was so tired but I drank XX beers and my friend, this chick (who got the new job) took my camera and took some pics and gave me pointers on using my camera. And I realized I really have no idea what I'm doing, as far as camera skillz. I've never taken any classes, basically I just find a cool subject, then point and shoot. She creates cool subjects, is what it seemed like. I just let her have my camera and she went at it, and I asked her what she was doing.

She took a picture of bubbles, killer shot.

And then set up the glasses on the table and took a shot with Richard in the background. Cool!

Thanks, Sin! (I think I will refer to her from now on as "Sin", but that is not in reference to the content of her character. I'm not sure how often I will write about her in here cuz we haven't really hung out a lot in the past, but this couple seems to really be warming up to Richard and me lately.)

OK, so now back to Thursday night when I was helping Richard with manual labor...

We were moving stuff from one building to another building 2 or 3 miles away and we had to make 4 trips with his vehicle (we probably should have rented a big truck, but with parking and everything that would have been hard). Anyway, this one building we were moving stuff from was historical. Here's a picture of a non-functioning water fountain. (Now I wish I had taken a more interesting shot using Sin's camera tactics.) But still! That's a frickin cool drinking fountain! Don't you just want to lick it? Doesn't is just seem like it would taste like lime flavored Lick-a-maid?

Then here's a shot from the new building. It was kind of raining. I didn't use my tripod, but probably should have, in order to stabilize this shot a little better.

Now back to last night with Sin and her man. Here they are, they got married in August by Elvis.

And then I took a picture of my XX beer, complete with citrus wedge.

Then she was doing this cool trick with 2 forks and a knife where you hook the tongs of the forks together, then place the knife on top and make the handles of both forks move up and down. It's like, a bar trick or something.

Back to the present: It's 11 and we're still in bed. I'm on my laptop in bed! I have overcome the fear of disconnecting my laptop from the 5-cord connection that anchors my laptop to my desk.

Which totally doesn't make sense: my fear of this with my personal laptop.

I have a laptop for work and I take it everywhere for meetings and stuff. I think it's easier at work because I have a docking station, and it's just one thing to unhook when transporting my work laptop. At home, I have 5 cords to unhook.

Ok, I gotta get up now and take a shower. We're having lunch (Thai) with a friend and I need not be funky.

News: one of my bike buddies has convinced me to ride the MS150 with her. It's in April. Damn my friends and their peer pressure! Well, she's actually the team leader and I am powerless to her.... power.

Anyway, I have to say that I like having friends. And what's weird is that lately most of them are chicks! I've never ever ever been in a place like this in my life. It's so warm and fuzzy, right now anyway. Or maybe it's just the morning-tea caffeine-buzz that's making me feelin irie, mon.

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