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2010-02-02 - lost phone

Dude I'm watching LOST right now and it's so badass! However (party foul alert), Richard's asleep with his head on my lap. He's been working *so* hard lately.

I'm starting the cleanse again Thursday. I'm totally addicted to caffeine. Today I didn't have any caffeine, you know, to prep myself. I'm having the juice tonight instead of dinner, I'll have a normal bkfst & lunch tomorrow, then I'll have the juice again for dinner tomorrow. Then my official start date will be Thursday. Richard's not doing it with me, boo hoo.

I can't remember exactly when I did it last, but it seems maybe a year's gone by? I gotta go read my back logs.

My "friend" DR called me yesterday to tell me he could never ever be my friend again, no matter what. What an A-hole. He said what I did last year on his b'day was completely unforgivable (I was drunk and keeRAZeee! from my divorce and told his brand new girlfriend he had major anger issues) even though I've asked his forgiveness multiple times and have seen the error of my ways and I'm much much more calmed down, but he's a douche. Who *calls* someone to tell them they can't be friends anymore? Douchebag DR does, that's who.

I'm gonna sleep good tonight, I can feel it.

And the electric blanket's gonna be *nice*.

Ok, I gotta get up off the couch and go pee. Only thing is, Richard's head is pinning me down!

(This entry comes to you via my phone.)

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