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2010-02-03 - YaY!

At work today, I made some major headway on this project that's been looming over my head ever since my coworker went on maternity. I'm 100% done with the part you have to use your brain for, and the rest is just a walk in the park. Thank *god*.

Now I can start my cleanse in peace at work, maybe.

It's day 2 without caffeine and I was a big ball of bitch today. I was snippy with 2 of my coworkers, but they're douches anyway, so I don't feel bad in the fucking slightest. I mean, c'mon Sweet (that's the name I applied to her when I started working at this dang company 2 1/2 years ago), stop getting up my ass about piddly shit, goddamnit. Fucking ridiculous.

And then there's this dude and his handcream that I keep having an allergic reaction to and it gives me migraines because it has lavender in it, and I'm highly allergic to lavender (no joke). GOD!!!! I even gave him an entire bottle of Vasoline brand handcream cuz I felt bad cuz I told him please stop using that handcream.

My job is chock full of conservative douche bag judgmental fucks. I have not one kindred spirit there.

Anyway, so I tried to get my taxes done tonight but I was missing this 1099 form or some shit and I have to fucking find it then go back. YaY. And then I had to drive home in the rain. In the dark!

All day today I was thinking it was Tuesday, but it's not. It's Wednesday.

I gotta get up earlier tomorrow so I can make my juice and do my salt water thing.

A friend of mine wants me to come talk to his classroom (he's a middle school math teacher in the 'hood) on career day the end of this month, and I'm gonna do it. I was supposed to check my calendar today, but I forgot until just now as I was writing this. I'll be like "Hey stay in school, you little shitheads! Don't listen to your parents! Follow your hearts!" And stuff like that. I hope I don't cuss in front of them, really I do.

My pinky's just now starting to feel better and swelling's down... after 2 1/2 weeks! Two nights ago I was fiddling with it and I heard this "crrrrriiiiick" and it popped back into place I suppose. YaY!

Ok gotta go: watching (recorded) Celebrity Rehab with boyfriend!

(Brought to you by "sitting on couch with phone")

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