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2010-02-05 - can't sleep

It's 3:41 and I can't sleep. I'm supposed to get up at 5.

Yesterday Day 1 of the cleanse went off without a hitch. I'm keeping a diary at work in Word. I formatted the page to have 2 columns. It was strange trying to diary-ize on a full page... I'm used to pouring my thoughts into this tiny space of a box.

I take good care of our kitties. I clean out their litter boxes every day, make sure they don't get fat, make sure they have fresh water daily, and try to brush them semi-regularly. There's still frickin cat hair everywhere! I need to clean *bad* this weekend.

Watched Burn Notice last night with Richard. I made him dinner first, though. It was turkey sandwiches on these new sandwich rounds that are thin bread, 100 calories for 1 "roll", which yields 2 slices. Toasted them a bit to melt the cheddar cheese. I made some guacamole to spread, only I didn't get it quite right because I couldn't taste it (the cleanse and all), so it was a bit off, but Richard devoured it regardless. Shredded lettuce he loves! Shredded lettuce is *cool*. It comes in a bag pre-shredded and everything! Oh, and I made single blackberry tarts for dessert. You just get these frozen mini shells and I filled them with a mix I prepared stove-top: frozen blackberries, sugar, little flour, tiny bit of salt. It was a hit. I only made 2 and told him to save the 2nd one for breakfast. YUM.

Ok, I'm gonna try to snooze until 5.

My initial weigh-in for the cleanse 2 days ago was 123.5 lbs.

Hey y'all! It's frickin FRIDAY!!! TGIF!

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