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2010-02-05 - I gotta pee

The first half of today I was kinda out of it. I woke up at 3 this morning, couldn't go back to sleep. I lay in bed beside Richard for 2 hours, then finally got my ass out of bed at 5:20. I did the salt water thing after I fed the kitties. You drink 1 tsp salt with warm water to flush out your insides, and it really works. But you have to leave yourself an hour and a half to 2 hours for it to run its course. Just saying.

Here's my juicing spread. Today I had to juice lemons because at the grocery store, they looked better than the limes.

Saturday we were driving around with a friend and found Obama head!

I love taking pictures of my kitty. Her fur is so pretty and soft.

I love this lamp in our apartment. It's left over from my old place (I didn't keep many things cuz of the memories). We put a green and a black light bulb in. It's pretty colors.

I'm sitting on the couch with my lappy. I lied to you the other day when I told you there were 5 cords I had to detach to free my computer from my desk. There isn't 5, there's 6. Alooksee:

It's weird, I have *so* much energy, seeing as I only had 4 hours of sleep last night. We were going to try to go to a 7:20 showing of the new Terry Gilliam film, but Richard's still doing stuff on the computer.

There's also a 9:45 show time, I think we're gonna try to go. It's 8:00 now.

My kitty's on my lap right now, I'm having to hold my right arm funny cuz it's curved around her, so I can type. She's so awesome. I don't know what I'd do without her.

So yeah, I was kinda out of it today at work, but I managed to be super productive the last half of the day, yee haw. I wasn't bitchy today, which was nice. I think the caffeine withdrawal thing is over. I was only drinking tea in the morning (about the equivalent of 2 cups, I normally use 2 teabags: one English breakfast and one Earl Grey. Brand: Twinings), so I don't think that's a ton of caffeine in my system that I had to purge and then teach my brain cells to function without those molecules.

I weighed myself this morning and it was 118.5 lbs. Water weight loss, for sure. And also, any weight loss on the cleanse - you usually gain half of it back anyway. The last cleanse I did (I went back and figured out it was end of April or early May), the lowest weight I got to was 118, and that was the 10th day. I'm only on the 2nd day, so this should be interesting.

I did yoga this morning before work and it felt so nice. I'm so not flexible anymore, now that I'm not doing Bikram. I haven't done Bikram since April! I wonder if I'm ever going to do it again. It was such a huge part of my life back then. Now, I don't really want/need to do it so much.

On my lunch break I went to PetSmart and spent $40 on litter and a new talons clipper. (Our old one broke the last time we were clipping the kitties claws.) Oh, and a new kitty grass growing thing. The last one I had to throw away cuz all the grass died.

So, I haven't had solid food for 2 days now. It's weird. My hearing is really enhanced today. And I'm walking more slowly and with purpose. And I've been smiling more at people.

I made Richard dinner again. Sandwiches with those sandwich rounds things again. YUMMY!!! (Well, he thought so, I just looked at the finished product.) I used the shredded lettuce again, too. And he forgot to eat the leftover tart for breakfast this morning, so he had it for dessert. He said it was more berry tasting than last night. Last night, I gave it to him right out of the oven, I had to warn him it was molten-lava hot, man.

I got all these thoughts jumbled in my head a bit today, but I can't really focus on just one. It's weird.

The other night I had a dream I was in a flying house, it was kind of like a hovercraft, about 20 feet off the ground. I was trying to pick up my little sister, but I couldn't figure out how to brake.

Then 2 nights ago I dreamt I was grocery shopping and I had a bottle of oil in my arms, and when I looked at the label, it said "Corn Oil" and I was like, WTF? Cuz I don't ever buy corn oil, I buy canola. Well, and also olive oil, of course.

I miss my soul mate. He's been so busy with work, and then when he gets home we wind down in front of the TV together and then crash out. I'm hoping this weekend we can settle down a little bit and just enjoy each other's company peacefully. It's supposed to be really nice weather, too. Maybe Richard and I can go on a bike ride together.

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