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2010-02-07 - 5 bikes + 1 = 6 bikes

Yesterday Richard & I slept in til noon. Well, we actually woke up around 10. He went and got his laptop and we watched some TV he had recorded: Community (with Chevy Chase - hilarious) and The Soup (also hilarious). Then we got up at noon and I went to one of his clients with him (it was at a restaurant, fixing one of the computers) and they were gonna comp us lunch but we had to decline because 1. I'm on the cleanse and 2. Richard had *so* much work to catch up on yesterday. Darn! They have aweome food there and gooooood margaritas. So we took a rain check on that one.

So we came home and I made Richard lunch again: more sandwiches on those rounds. I sliced some Vlassic pickles on them this time.

Then I cleaned the entire apartment. It took me about 4 or 5 hours. There was so much fucking cat hair everywhere. I even vacuumed the whole entire couch, every surface of it. You wouldn't think cat hair covers the sides of a couch, but it does! I washed the sheets and comforter (also covered in cat hair, the kitties sleep on the bed with us). Half our apartment is carpet, and the other half is stained concrete. So these balls of cat hair form on the concrete and I gather them up before I vacuum. I have a 3-step process for the floors... vacuum up the big stuff with the hose attachment (and get wayward cat hair balls), swiffer dry, then swiffer wet. I fucking *LOVE* my swiffer. I also dusted everything. I can never remember which is better; dust first then vacuum, or vacuum first then dust. Yesterday I dusted first then vacuumed. My thinking was start high and work your way down. (I love to clean, if you haven't noticed.) The place is now spotless. Oh, and I changed out the kitty litter, the kitties love it when this happens. They all jump into the new litter boxes and do the backstroke. Ahhh, new kitty litter! Let me bask in the newness for my turds to come!.

Then a friend of ours came over, well, *two* friends came over and we all left in one car to go bar hopping. It was alright not drinking, it's something I never do, ever. I am never, ever, ever the sober one, but last night I was! I snuck in 2 bottles of my juice and drank it when I went outiside with the smokers. (You can't smoke inside any of the bars here in Houston, which is great.) We went to 4 different bars. At the last one the tamale lady came by and we bought a dozen chicken tamales (they were warm and perfectly cooked, and they come with this killer green salsa) and they smelled so good! (I just smelled them, I didn't eat any.) Richard always gets margaritas, and I was smelling his margarita, it smelled like lime and tequila. I love tequila, it's the only shot I truly enjoy. So anyway, it was a good, good night! We got home around 1 and our friend decided to stay the night cuz she lives in BFE. She's on our couch right now, asleep. It's almost 9.

Last night when we came home, they were all wasted and we were getting ready to crash and Richard walked out in his underwear and we were like "What the fuck are you doing! Don't come out here in your panties! That's so inappropriate! Cover yourself!" Stupid drunk people.

Friday night we saw the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and it was so freakin badass. It was so fantastical! But his movies are freaky anyways, it's awesome. Have you seen Brasil or Time Bandits? Anyway, it was so nice smelling the popcorn. It smells *SO* good. That's one of my most favorite smells in the world - popcorn. (Not microwave popcorn, yuck.)

One of the friends that came over last night bought Richard a bike! Yeah! So now, we have six bicycles in our house. Awesomeness. Anyway, it's this black bmx-y type style, real stout looking, thick tires. I want one. See, I've got 4: cruiser, mountain, fixie and road. Don't you think I need a bmx-type bike to complete my collection? See some girls spend 100's of dollars on purses. Some girls spend 100's of dollars on shoes. I spend 100's of dollars on bikes.

Anyway, I'm still in bed. I'm surrounded by kitties. I've got the electric blanket on "H" for "high" and it feels so nice. Today's supposed to be gorgeous weather again, sunny and in the 50's. I'm thinking of maybe taking the cruiser out. It's got a basket on the front and I need to go to PetSmart for more dang catfood. We've finally come to a brand that agrees with everyone: Eukanuba.

Well, I'm gonna go try to snooze a bit more. I'll take some pictures on my bikeride if I decide to go.

So day 4 of the cleanse starts today. I've got tons and tons of energy, it's cool. It's not so big a deal this time, seeing as it's my 5th time. I mean, it is only the beginning of the 4th day. I will probably get hassled at work a little, but they can suck it.

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