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2010-02-08 - stripper glitter in my mouth!

Ok, Day 5 of the cleanse and it's kicking my ass today! There were all these Doritos commercials during she Super Bowl yesterday (we just chilled at home on our own couch with the kitties even though we had been invited to a few places with our friends) and now all I can think about is crunchy, salty snacks! Argh.

I remember this part, this is when you have a day or two (or three) where it just is so *hard* and you want to give up.

But I don't really want to give up, so I think about the goal. I'm pretty disciplined.

I made Richard sandwiches again today with the last 2 of those dang sandwich rounds, I kept asking him, "Was it good? Huh? How did it taste? Did you like the shredded lettuce? What about the tomatoes?"

And he says, "Yes, it was awesome. Yes, yummy! It was awesome! Yes, it was crunchy. The tomatoes were good!"

And I had put this cilantro ranch dip on it instead of mayo, he said it was really tasty. Our friend brought it over Saturday - she said it was the recipe from Chuy's. I'm gonna make it again when I get off this damn cleanse!

I like wearing lots of black eyeliner all the time, but it always gets gunked up near my tear ducts in the corners of my eyes. Well! I finally fucking figured out how to apply it to my lower lid so it doesn't gunk up anymore, I'm so happy! I'm not very good with make up, I have never worn foundation, ever, and I'm not really into lipstick right now, so I really try to focus on my eyes.

Ok, gots ta go! The Big Bang Theory comes on in 3 minutes. That show is funny. I'm Sheldon.

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