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2010-02-09 - Garlic Herb Flipsides Pretzel Crackers

So. Tired. Right. Now.

The last 2 hours of my workday I was crashing hard. Then I bad to battle my way home through rush hour traffic. I go 17 miles one way. That's 34 miles a day. Going's easier than coming.

I still managed to be productive today.

I'm not hungry today. I think my body is freeing up emotional crap that was trapped before I got my divorce. I read my entries from back then, and there's not a lot of negative stuff I wrote about my marriage, even though it was crumbling before my eyes. I guess I thought if I wrote that things were going perfectly and wonderfully and I was perfectly happy, then it *must* be true. I was like one of those people that would talk about how awesome her relationship was going, just to convince herself that it was. Even though it wasn't.

L0ST comes on in 8 minutes. I had wanted to go to the gym today, but that ain't happening. No way, Jose'.

I am in bed already, ready to fucking crash, man.

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