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2010-02-11 - Day 8 starts now

I'm in bed, been up since before 3. The same thing happened yesterday, so I did Turbo Jam at 4am yesterday and showed up at work before 7:30 - no one in my dept was there except for the boss lady's boss. I'm not gonna exercise this morning, I've just been lying in bed reading the news and diaries on my phome and petting my kitty. The kitties' fur is so soft since I've switched them to that Eukanuba food! I love my cat. She cries and cries when I get home, she wants pets so BAD! It's like crack rock to her, when I scoop her into my lap and we cuddle.

Somehow I'm super-functional at work on this cleanse! It's like, my mind is so much clearer. And I haven't had caffeine since 2 Mondays ago, imagine that. I'm (for the moment) free from the clutches of caffeine addiction.

So, today marks Day 8. Thursday. I made my juice concentrate (half fresh squeezed lemon juice and half maple syrup, with some cayenne pepper, as much as you can stand), it's ready to go, in the fridge. I put about 2 TBSP in a tall glass of water, is the proportion I like. I've been trying to just consume filtered water from my apartment (I got one of those PUR water filter containers for my counter) cuz Houston water is scary. I don't know if the water at work is filtered or not.

I'm still craving salty snack foods, but not as insanely as the other day, man it was bad. It's so weird, I haven't eaten solid food since the 3rd, so Wednesday lunch was the last meal I had. I was talking to my older sister last night on the phone (she lives up near Dallas), we talked for an hour! I was telling her about the cleanse... oh she's heard my spiel before, she says she could never do it. She wants to lose weight, though. I told her to try Southbeach or Weight Watchers. My boss lady's on Southbeach right now and loves it. I work in one of those female-dominated departments where everyone's always on a diet, yay for that lovely work environment.

Anyway, so yeah it was good to talk to Dee for an hour. We both haven't heard from our little sister in a while. She's the one who lives in the same city as my 'Rents. She basically attempts to keep tabs on what's happening with my mom's dementia progression, (Mom is 64 and Dad is 69), but that proves difficult if not impossible due to my dad's raging paranoia & insanity. You can't believe a single word out of the man's mouth, and it doesn't matter anyway because in one week it will change, and he's always got some scam he's trying to pull. I have quit trying to call over there, at my rents. So to keep contact with my poor mom, I email a lot (thank god she still has that capability) and I've started sending weekly hand-written notes through the US postal system. I don't know what else I can do. Trying to visit is excruciatingly exasperating, being around my dad.

Well, my alarm just went off, it's 5. I gotta go start my day.

I am going to be very happy when the weekend arrives!

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