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2010-02-13 - no plans on this particulary Saturday/Day 10 of the cleanse

Yesterday I got off work, walked to my car... it was freezing! It seems like this has been a particularly longer, colder stint of weather for Houston than normal. Everyone's talking about it. So, yeah, I got in my car and it takes about 3 or 4 minutes of driving for the heat to really work. Driving home takes me, oh, about 30 or 40 minutes. Traffic wasn't to bad yesterday, for a Friday.

At work yesterday I was feeling frickin awesome all day. I had all this energy, I got a lot of work done, I led a 2 hour conference call and had our intern sit through the whole thing, (I'm so mean. But it was good for her!) The week ended great. Drove home, came home and did Turbo Jam for 45 minutes, then did some yoga with the cats observing me for about 15 minutes, just to stretch my bones. Richard was *beat*. He took a shower and crawled into bed, trying to rest up cuz we had b'day obligations. (The dinner, we didn't attend, but we met everyone at the bars later.) So after working out, I took a shower and crawled into bed with him and we snuggled for a bit. It was so nice. He's been so busy with his job lately that we don't have as much snuggle time.

So that didn't last long cuz one of our friends called and said he'd be at our place in 5 minutes. Oh joy! (Where's my sarcasm punctuation mark when I need it?) So I didn't have any time for eyeliner or to put product in my hair... but wouldn't you know it I got so many compliments on my hair last night? Weird.

We went to our usual 3 bars. I found out the name of the tamale lady (Andrea). I brought my juice in water bottles. We know everyone at all the bars, so they didn't care I was drinking an outside bevvy.

Anyway, we stayed out til past 2. I felt great at the beginning of the night, but I got a sore throat half way through, and it kept getting worse. And now it's 11 Saturday am, and I still have the sore throat. I need to drink lots of my juice & extra water today. This is how I felt Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) And hydration helped a lot.

My mood was strange. I had trouble carrying a conversation. I would initiate one with people, then it would trail off and I'd start staring at the tv, or the interesting looking people at my bar. Then I'd get all animated and start yelling to be funny about a point I was trying to make. All the time, sober! That's twice now that I've gone out and been the sober one. Last night my friends didn't get so drunk, and nobody was particularly retarded acting.

I made pizza for Richard Thursday night. Well, I bought a frozen thin crust pepperoni pizza and put extra toppings on it: onion, garlic, fresh tomato, broccoli, and habanero cheese. It smelled *so* good (I baked it on the pizza stone), and Richard loved it.

So today's day 10 of the cleanse. I'm going to drink my juice all day and then break my fast in the evening with some fresh squeezed OJ. I already bought the oranges in anticipation. They say you're supposed to buy organic citrus for this whole cleanse thing, but I'm sorry... I *would* if I had the freakin money. Organic shit's just too expensive. I do, however, consistently buy the following items organically: fresh carrots, beef, chicken and milk (for Richard. I drink soymilk cuz I can't handle lactose, that pesky disaccharide that I lack the enzyme lactase with which to digest it.). Which reminds me, about what I was talking about...getting off the cleanse. You have to ease yourself back into food. So OJ for dinner tonight. Then tomorrow, Sunday, I'll have more OJ for breakfast. Then for lunch I'm gonna make some vegetable soup/broth that Richard can have too. And for dinner, I'm gonna make us a nice Valentine's dinner. I don't know what it's gonna be yet. I'm going to the grocery store later today to see what looks good and what inspires me. I'll probably focus on vegetables. Maybe something to do with roasting sweet potatoes, and maybe some chicken.

I'm still in bed. I'm writing this entry on my phone. I got up earlier to do my salt water flush thing, but got back into bed afterwards. I also fed the kitties. They are so content right now. All 3 of them are on the bed with us. (Yes, we have 3 cats, that's why there's so much fucking cat hair everywhere all the time.) I've got the electric blanket on, it's cold out! Richard's asleep beside me. I keep waking him up to kiss him and tell him I love him and he barely acknowledges with an "I love *you* Baby" back, so sweet.

Oh and I weighed myself and I'm down to 114! Crazy. I started at 123.

Don't know what we're doing today, we don't have any plans at all.

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