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2010-02-13 - curled up kitty on my lap

I'm drinking fresh squeezed OJ and it's really yummy. I'm breaking my fast!

We stayed in bed until almost 2. We watched Celebrity Rehab and Community on Richard's laptop - recorded TV from the week prior. So nice to do that.

Richard had to go see a client at 3, so when he left, I went to the gym and then came home and did some yoga. I just do 3 or 4 sun salutations on the carpet in our bedroom, and the kitties all crowd around and watch me, then fall asleep half way through. Exercise wiped me out, man. It took me hours to recover. Richard got back from his client at 8. I was already drinking my OJ. he heated up some leftover pizza in the microwave and it smelled maddeningly good. Ok, so I've done the cleanse 5 times now (about once a year it's been), and this is the first time I've stuck to the OJ on the last day. Yay Acorn.

Anyway, we just got back from Fiesta and we spent $92 on groceries. Among other necessities, we got stuff for the veg soup tomorrow for lunch, and stuff for our dinner tomorrow evening. Smart of us to go to the grocery store at 9:30 on a Saturday night - nobody was in the store, and the shelves had all been restocked. Very. I did *not* want to be caught at the store tomorrow, it is destined to be a madhouse on V-day.

Man my cat's fur is soft. I just gave her some sweet pets. I'm writing this on the couch with the TV on. She's sitting on this little ottoman I had when I had my own apartment between leaving Wade and moving in with Richard. Do you think she remembers that place? I bet she would if we went there. I used to tote her back & forth in the cat carrier to & from Richard's apartment. She was a travellin kitty. She loved it. Maybe she dreams about it.

It's already 11. I don't know where the evening went. I think I'm gonna finish my juice, brush my teeth, and hit the hay.

Awwww, Niko just jumped in my lap! And she's bathing her face with her little paw. That's the cutest thing cats do.

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