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2010-02-21 - A great great weekend

The bike ride on Friday was gooooood. A little chilly, though. My toes were numb pretty much the whole time. We went about 30 miles.

We went out Friday night. We stopped at 1 bar first before heading to the dancing club. It was a really good night! I kinda drank too much, and I was slightly hungover on Saturday, but I managed to get a work-out in towards the end of the day, so that made me feel less guilty for my overindulgence. So, I hadn't drank in almost 3 weeks, and when that very first drink started to take effect, it's like I could feel it in every cell in my entire body, starting in my toes and working it's way up. Wow! Alcohol is cool.

So anyway, Saturday we slept in a bit then we headed out to run some errands. We ended up at the container store because I wanted to find some water containers I could take to work. (I drink lots of water at work, and it's been weirding me out that it's not my filtered water from home. I don't think they filter the drinking water at work.) Which I did, I did find the *perfect* water containers. One for my bag, and one I'll carry. Sweet. So I'm like, "Let's walk around the store. I love this store!" So we walked around the whole store, and we came across this organizing system for (among other things) hanging up bikes. Well, between me and Richard, we have SIX bicycles. They are just stacked in the other room, it looks terrible. I big pile of bikes...

Now it looks like this!

I did the whole thing myself and it was kinda involved! You have to make sure you find a few studs (I found four), I had to use a stud-finder, I used the power drill, there are 10 screws into the wall holding up the bar, 6 screws had to be fastened on both sides to the drywall that I drilled 3/8" holes into the drywall, AND I used a level. I think the bikes look so much better. I know, you're saying... "But Acorn, I only count 5 bikes!" Yes, sadly, my huge honkin cruiser wouldn't fit.

Accomplishments RULE!

I love projects.

So anyway, after that I did turbojam for 45 minutes, then a bit of yoga and that felt awesome. My body was sore from all the dancing the night prior. I was a dancing feind! There's this song by this band the Presets called "This boy's in love" and it's so fucking awesome and they play the video on this big screen at the club and Richard and I dance the fuck out of it together, it's so sexy. The video rocks, it looks like they are fighting in milk.

So what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Saturday. So after I worked out, I took a shower and our friend came over and we all left in one car to go out AGAIN. Shit, man, it's Saturday night. You can't stay home on a Saturday. So I didn't really feel like drinking so for the first 3 stops I just had club soda with limes squeezed in it. That really hit the spot because it was refreshing, and it's a simple, pretty drink and I didn't feel retarded not drinking. I was high on life. It's like, I'm exploring this new thing called sobriety. But then around midnight we went to my favorite bar and that's when I succumbed to peer pressure and had half a margarita. We didn't stay there but for one drink, and headed to this other club and I took a picture of my drink. Yeah!

Here's one of our friend's texting.

So we stayed out late. Then Sunday (today) we got up early and another one of our friends came over and we took off on our bikes! We rode from 10:30 in the morning until 4:30 is when we got home! It was just the 3 of us. The weather was kinda rainy at the beginning, but warmed up and dried out and the temp got up to 70! And it was sunny! I think we musta gone 30 or 35 miles. We all were riding our single-speeds, so we got a great workout.

Here's me on my cruiser.

It was a very urban ride. We went through neighborhoods and connected with a few bike trails along the way here and there. Houston isn't quite finished with their bike way system, it's bits and pieces here and there, and you gotta know where to ride to find the starts and stops. It will all get connected... some day.

Here's a cool mural we saw in a park.

I had brought some bike locks, so we were able to stop half way through our ride for some lunch. Awesome.

I didn't take a picture of this, but Richard can ride his fucking bike backwards, with his butt resting on the handlebars. It's the coolest thing I've ever seen. Our friend was trying to teach me how to do it, but I was too scared.

We went to the place where there's those presidential heads all over the place. I love taking pictures of them! Here's Jackson's eyes. I think he was, like, our 7th president.

My boyfriend's so cute. He's tying his shoe.

Then we happened upon this in someone's yard.

Rusted pipe.

Then! we were near the highway and didn't want to ride next to the feeder (there was a lot of traffic) so we took this shortcut behind the Home Depot, and we spotted a hawk! There were a couple of them, actually. Really beautiful! Urban hawks, amazing. It was perched on this pole, overlooking a little ditch with water in it.

Yup, good weekend.

I'm beat. We were on our bikes for 6 hours! We took showers, and now we're going out for a drink. It's so hard to let the weekend go, you know? And this one was a 3-day weekend for me, which makes it even harder!

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