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2010-02-25 - beware the scarf

Richard and I voted yesterday, early voting that is. It feels good to be politically active. The big thing was governor, and then Kinky was running for something, and I just had to vote for him, don't you know.

It's been cold this whole week! There was slushy ice stuf falling from the sky on my way home from work Tuesday. This morning it was 31F when I woke up. I wore this cool brown all-wool coat today, I bought it at H&M in Austria, no shit! I hadn't worn it in over a year cuz I was too fat and it didn't fit me anymore, so I had forgotten about it. But it fits now! Awesomeness!

I've been having these really strong feelings about my ex lately. He's not talking to me, just had a kid, etc. I had a dream Monday night about him: we were in a hotel room on some trip together, we were both wanting to get the hell away from each other, we were fighting about something, exactly in the same way we used to always fight. (I can't remember the specifics, only I was telling him it was ok if he left and did whatever it was he was going to do). How we always fought: me super extra supremely pissed off, and him rationalizing in his robot-ness why I shouldn't be pissed off.

Then after that dream, I had a good dream. It was trippy. I was looking out these sliding-glass doors at this entity outside: it was a 2-dimensional, light brown creature. It looked like a drawing, like something from Princess Mononoke. It had a round head, two big black solid circles for eyes, smiley face mouth, no ears, just a round head. And then kind of a deer body, no tail, 4 legs. It was happy, smiling at me, it made me laugh in my dream. Then I was inside the house, and it was inside too, but it turned into a real animal with long black fur, maybe a dog? And then a skunk ran by and a bunch of other animals, I can't remember. We were all happy and having a blast. What a cool dream.

I had to go to the dermatologist cuz I got these red blotches on my neck since my bikeride Friday - I wore this scarf the whole time and I think the fabric irritated my skin. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't going away, so I was like, oh what the hell just go to the fucking Dr. So he asked me what kind of soap I use. I replied "Dial". And he goes, "Ugh! Dial?!?". So he told me to switch to Oil of Olay or something. I used it tonight, Richard said I smell pretty. So anyway, he prescribed some topical cream, but I haven't picked it up from Walgreens yet.

This week's been nuts! Very busy at work. We've all got a million things going on right now. My coworker who's been on maternity leave, she comes back a week from Monday. She doesn't want to come back. She wants to be a stay at home mom. Yeesh. I doubt she's going to stay long. It will be nice not to have to do her crap anymore.

Richard came up to work today and took me to lunch. Then he came up afterwards and saw my cube. That was very groovy.

I'm so fucking happy tomorrow is Friday, godDAMN!

I've been feeling under the weather this week. But today I didn't feel as bad. Houston has so muck fucking pollution.

I tried a new work-out video today. It's, like 6 or 7 DVDs. It's a lot of weights to get a tight bod. Rawr! I'll probably be sore tomorrow. I was attempting push ups. I can do 2 push ups, then I have to switch to the girlie kind where you're on your knees. I have shitty upper body strength I guess. Challenges RULE!

Well, I guess I need to go to sleep now. It's 10:43 and my phone's aboot to die.

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