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2010-02-27 - I live for the weekend

These past 2 weeks I've been working out every single day. Sometimes before work, and sometimes after. Weekends I'm on my bike. I have been feeling awesome, lately. I've shed all my divorce weight, and I feel like I've shed some old skin as well. June will be 2 yrs since the divorce was finalized. Yeah, so what, I'm still talking about it. That's some heavy shit there: divorce.

Anyway, went dancing last night, smoked some reefer, it was an *awesome* night. All our friends came out, and I danced my fucking ASS off! They were playing such good music, last Friday they did too. Richard came out on the dance floor with me during this New Order song, I had just smoked some hydro with my friend outside (Richard's never done a single drug in his life.), and I immediately glided my way onto some excellent dancefloor real estate, New Order was playing, I closed my eyes, (I was so high and happy) and thought about how much I dig Richard, and when I opened my eyes, he was stalking his way through the crowd to be by my side, and he grabbed my body, clutching, pulled it close to his, and we rocked some serious dancing, y'all. GodDAMN I love dancing with that man. It was magical.

Anyway, so we closed out the club and made it home, collapsed into bed. I didn't sleep in this morning. I woke up at 9, went to the grocery store. I needed provisions for all these bike rides I'm doing: gatorade, snacks. I made some peanut butter rice Krispies treats. (My bike friends still talk about how I brought those on a ride one day and handed them out to everyone, instant hit.)

Then I went on a ride while Richard went to a couple clients. I rode from 1:40 to about 5. I'm thinking maybe 30 or 40 miles. I've been so sore this week. (Started a new dvd series of working out that focuses on weights, oh wait, I told you that already. Damn ganja and that short term memory failing thing!) It was such a beautiful, fucking GORGEOUS day! I was a little chilly cuz the wind was cold, so I brought my little bike jacket - didn't use it. It was 63F when I finished. I even got tan lines on my thighs, from my bike shorts. The ride was really good and it had good flow, this is the longest I've done this year.

Tomorrow morning is a team ride. We're meeting at 8, riding 25 miles (yes, there are hills on this ride) to a pastry shop, having breakfast, then riding 25 miles back to our cars.

I'm so tired, sore, exhausted right now, but it feels so good! I made soft beef tacos for dinner, and a simple lettuce salad. I ate 2 extra tortillas with butter, gotta replete my muscles with glycogen, prep for tomorrow.

I'm lying in bed, it's 9:30 and I'm suppsed to be napping but shit, it's so hard for me to nap... we're going out at 10 to meet up with friends... again! Yes, we have a raging, out-of-control social life.

I don't know how, but I woke up this morning and my voice is going out. I sound all gravely and squeaky and the same time. Richard says it's cute. I sound particularly funny when I laugh.

I put 2 new water-bottle cages on my new bike, you know, the black Marin racing bike? I love this bike so much! I need to clean the chain. I hear a Sunday project.

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