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2010-03-06 - how to use "its" properly

It's 5:45 am Saturday and we have to go to a funeral today. I didn't know the deceased: a good friend of Richard's, his dad died. We're going for support. Because that's what friends do. And lunch afterwards.

I realized last night on the way home from the movies (we saw Alice, it was wonderful!) that my mind is extremely occupied on all things riding bikes. I'll be having a convo, and find myself thinking about riding. Goddamn I love being on a bicycle!

So, of course, I have to get a ride in this morning, cuz I won't have any time the rest of the day. I gotta be done by 9:00-ish. Not gonna be a long ride, and it's gonna be chilly. It's 48F right now.

Richard and I pretty much made up, but no make-up sex yet. I think we were just testy cuz we're both over-worked.

So my bike repairs... didn't happen! Let me explain. I stopped at my bike shop after work (what a day) and he wheels my bike out from the back of the store saying he didn't find anything wrong! He just made 1 minor adjustment to the derailleur, and said it wasn't going to cost me anything. Yeah right! I go there all the time and spend all my extra moolah at that bike shop. Maybe they were just being nice to a loyal customer. But who cares?!? My bike's bad ass again and I'm about to hit the saddle RIGHT NOW!

Did I mention in this entry how much I fucking LOVE riding my bike? I realized yesterday at work while daydreaming about riding, that each one of my bikes is like a musical instrument. Each has its own song, its own emotional response, its own mechanics, I ride each one with a different technique and skill, I could go on. My bikes include: mountain bike, cruiser, fixie & road bike.

Hot damn!

Let's ride.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow's another team ride: 40 miles of bigger hills. I'll be bringing a red bull for the half way mark.

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