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2010-03-07 - carbohydrates RULE

Here's pics from my early morning ride yesterday before the funeral...

This is the bike shop I to go. It kicks ass.

The sky was really pretty yesterday morning. The sun came out and warmed me up real quick.

This place supposedly has the best chicken fried steak, but I went there a couple years ago and it wasn't that great. Note the ridiculous backwards "k", that's a pet peeve of mine.

The funeral was actually not that bad. I didn't know the man that died (it was our friend's dad). People stood up and talked about good memories they had of him. It just made it really personal. Then afterwards we went to the Black Eyed Pea and I got chicken fried steak. It was alright.

This morning I got up at 5 to drive 60+ miles to meet my team for 35-40 miles of hills. It was a bitch. One-way took us *forever* because we had to keep stopping for this chick (she was slow and didn't have a road bike) every 5 miles, so it took us 3 hours to go 17 miles. Geez! Then her boyfriend picked her up in their car at the half-way point, and we rode much faster on the way back. Took us about 2 hours. I made banana bread the day before and passed it out to everyone before the ride. And I made roasted sweet potatoes (with cinnamon and ginger) for this chick I ride with all the time (and she's our team captain, she rocks), because she doesn't eat wheat. Everyone liked that.

I actually made 2 loaves of banana bread yesterday, and gave the other loaf to our friend who's dad died. He and his mom really appreciated that.

Anyway, the ride today was a bitch. I'm gonna be so tired tomorrow! I came home, took a long, hot shower (the sun never really came out, and I was freezing the whole time even though the temp was in the 60's), and then ate some more goat cheese and saltine crackers (which I also had for breakfast). And now we're gonna go out for Mexican food, yeah! Carbs rule!

I'm getting really fit. I went up to 118 after the cleanse, but with all the biking and working out every day, I'm back down to 115. It feels goooood, I feel like myself again.

Anyway, I took some pics on the ride today. The sky was so gloomy.

This is a dead century plant. It grows, like 20-30 feet up in the air.

I love the shade of purple in this flower, I think you call it a wort.

Mocking birds were out in full force today, you could hear their songs everywhere. I like all the nature I saw today. I saw vultures, hawks, cows, mini horses, donkeys, and roadkill (a couple of bunnies - awwwwwww - and a flattened turtle, again, awwwwww.)

And now I will leave diaryland for carbs! Carbs! Carbs!!!!

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