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2010-03-17 - Stupid cat woke me up at 3 and now I can't go back to sleep

This weekend was perfect bike riding weather. Sunday's ride was awesome! I rode slow because I had given this chick a ride out there (she gave me gas $$) and she was slow, so I didn't want to leave her by herself. Afterwards, our team had a picnic! Yummy. Everyone loved my sweet potatoes. Richard even drove all the way the hell out there to hang with everybody. (I love showing him off.) But not after calling me several times during the ride because he was lost. Yes, we were way the fuck out in BFE, but have you ever heard of the concept of looking at a map before you embark on a drive out to BFE?!? Yeesh! I almost killed him. But you got to give the man his props: he *was* super-hungover from his galavanting the night prior, and he still drove an hour and a half out there anyway, just because I asked him to, so he could meet my team. That rocked.

I almost had a meltdown at the bike shop last night. I had had a pretty difficult day at work yesterday, I felt like a flower in a hail storm. Then I take my stupid bike to the bike shop for the third time for the same problem, and they just acted like it was no big deal that they gave my parts to someone else the last time I was there. I almost lost it. So this is their last chance at redemption. They promised they'd have the parts on by Friday after I get off work. (New cassette & chain.) I love riding my bike *so* much, and I really love this bike shop, they've been nothing less than awesome to me these past 4 years, so I cannot understand why I'm getting treated this way! I've probably spent over $1000 there, at least... total. Yikes that's a lot of $$. I am going to call them Friday morning, that's when they said the part is coming in, to review what needs to be done to the damn bike.

Like I said, work's been nuts. I have things flying at me from all directions. The man's trying to beat me down!

It's 4:30 am, I've been up since 3 reading the news on my phone. My stupid cat woke me up.

I'm getting more and more fit, it feels good. All the insane biking is helping out a lot. I've been trying to jog a little bit on the treadmill. Some peeps on my team want me to go jogging with them Thursday after work. I'm still doing the Turbo Jam & yoga. I kinda hurt my back about 3 weeks ago, and this past week it's worse. It doesn't hurt when I'm working out or riding my bike, just when I'm standing or sitting and try to lean a certain way. I don't know what to do. I hope it starts to feel better soon, though. It's really starting to piss me off.

My boyfriend is being really good to me while I've been nonexistent during the weekends, when we normally spend 24/7 together. We haven't slept in together in a few weeks cuz I've been getting up so early for my rides. I've got 4 more weekends of training, then it's the big ride.

Gonna try to catch a couple ZZs before my alarm goes off. Yeah, right.

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