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2010-03-22 - floor checkers

I got a very sweet note in the mail from my friend Anneliese today - all the way from Switzerland! It was a cool thank-you note for the package I sent her for her b'day way back in September. That really made my day, cuz it's Monday. And Monday's usually suck.

I didn't ride my bike at all this weekend! And there's only 3 weekends left to train! It was totally raining all day Saturday, and then Sunday it was 37F when the ride was starting. I said fuck that! I know of a couple of people on my team that actually rode. Whatever. That's just too cold. I went to the gym instead and did an hour and a half of cardio. Plus I went dancing Friday and Saturday night, so that counts.

I've been saving up some pictures. Last week we went out and I took some pictures at the bar, surprise surprise.

The weekend before last - here's some pics from that ride when the weather was perfect.

This is a rosemary bush in bloom.

I've been doing pushups, you know. And now I've got Richard doing them with me. He does about 20. I'm up to 9. but I have to take a mini break after 5. It feels goooood!

Like I mentioned earlier, we went out Friday & Saturday night. I suck at bowling. I used to be alright - I took bowling in college and got a B.

Here's some pics from the weekend:

This is me not getting my spare.

This is Richard.

This is all of our scores, we all suck.

It's crazy-go-nuts at work, still. I tell ya!

OK, gotta go to bed now. Richard wants me to watch How I Met Your Mother with him in bed. =]

Speaking of that show - it inspired me to put together a binder of all the restaurants that are in our area that do delivery. It looks great, but we never use it. When we order delivery, it's always always always always pizza.

Was Breaking Bad not kick ass last night?!? Yay! I'm so glad it's back on!!
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