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2010-04-19 - I RULE!

YaY! I did the MS 15O!!! 150 miles in 2 days, woohoo! It was great. Richard came with me and did support for 3 whole days, it was an amazing time. It was kinda wet in the mornings for both days of riding, and then in our overnight spot it rained Friday night AND Saturday night, so it was really soggy in our community party tent.

Go Acorn! Here's me at the finish in Austin. God, I have so many memories from that city.

So, the last time I updated in here was 11 days ago! Thursday the 8th of April. So, I must tell you about the weekend of the 10th! That Sunday, I went on an epic ride with 2 people from my team, we went 88 miles! We went all the way to the San Jacinto river, which has alligators. And we saw one. It was probably about 10 ft long, I kid you not. Look closely, you can see it...

It was kind of a marshy area, I totally didn't know this kind of habitat existed north west of Houston. It's really fascinating, all the wildlife. There's these spoonbills that are pink like flamingos...

I love love love love riding my bike!

My boyfriend gets major points this weekend for being support. I got to ride my bike all day while he set up the tent, helped cook food (for 40-50 people, both riders and non-riders), didn't get to be around a computer or air conditioning, and made everything cool for me and my 2-day ride. Awesomeness.


I took today off to "rest". Yeah, I don't really do that kind of thing. I got up at 7 and went to Bikram at 8 am. It was so awesome, just what my body and muscles needed after 2 whole days of riding.

The weather Saturday & Sunday while we were riding was just perfect. And the wind wasn't bad, either. I made some really good girlfriends during this season's training, and during the ride. It was some good estrogen energy! And one of the chicks lives, like, 2 blocks away from me, cool.

Yup, so I've got the day off. I think I'm going to go install some shelves in Richard's office area. He needs a place for all this stuff he's got on this table I want to put in the other room so I can start painting again and doing crafty things.

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