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2010-05-02 - Camel Towing Co.

I cannot believe it's been 2 weeks since I updated. Time's been flyin!

What's been happening?

Last weekend we went to Denton to see my older sister & her boyfriend. I used to live in Denton, TX. I first moved there in 1991 to go to UNT when I was 16 years old, back when I used to be smart. Wow, that's a long time ago. Anyway, we got to meet all her friends and it was really cool cuz my sister & I are reconnecting... and all her friends *really* love her, and it's good to see her in that place. So, Saturday night we saw Electric 6 at the Engine Room. They were fantastic! I'd never heard any of their stuff before, and their songs are hilarious. I wanna take you to the GAY BAR GAY BAR GAY BAR!!!

So then we drove back to Houston the next afternoon in time to record Breaking Bad, which we are now 3 episodes behind. But then there's another new episode tonight, so we'll be 4 episodes behind. Dangit!

Speaking of new music, the new Cypress Hill album is awesome. And I can't wait til the new STP comes out this month. And Richard burned me the new Hole, but I haven't had a chance to listen to it.

Lots of concerts coming this summer, haven't decided on any yet. BUT here are a few coming: Mystikal, Cypress Hill, Hole, Cracker...

Anyway, Wade's so not talking to me and a mutual friend of ours also isn't talking to me. So I guess now the tables have turned on me & Wade: he's now angry, and I'm now sad. I'm trying to work through it, but I tend to cucoon up into myself emotionally, shutting out Richard, which frustrates him to high heaven... then we talked about it extensively & came to fruitful realizations. Awesome. Plus I think the whole MS 15O thing 2 weeks ago also drummed up some Wade emotions because the first time I did the MS 15O in '07, it revolved around Wade & me. So, you know, the mind is a terrible thing to taste.

Yeah, so I'm glad I told you all that about Wade. It's been weighing on me.

Yesterday I rode my bike in the Shiner GHASP ride: 100 miles from Katy to Shiner. It was AWESOME! I had to get up at 5 AM, drag my ass to the ride start. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, I had energy energy energy! Well, the 5 hour energy drink I had at the 60 mile mark probably helped! The last 10 miles were all hills, the whole ride had been relatively flat up until that point... and I fucking blazed up them, schooled everbody in my line of sight, I swear. I'm so testosterone-ridden, macho, grrrrl, competitive. The ride wasn't a lot of girls, and I like showing the dudes that girls can sometimes do it better. =D

And it was actually 103 miles.

So today I planned on taking it easy all day. Richard wanted to take out the motorcycle for a ride, so we left about 2. The weather was gorgeous today! Then we had a little wreck. Yeah. We were just tooling around the neighborhood, about to go through a light, when the car in front of us put on his brakes really hard, so Richard applied his brakes, but too hard, and he lost control and the next thing I know we're down on the left side and this shooting pain's all down my left leg and I'm like "Fuck." So this old dude pulls up immediately in a bmw, jumps out and says "I'm a doctor, I saw everything." (At this point the car who caused the whole thing was long gone.) So then 2 other dudes came up, and Richard was not badly injured, and I didn't know if I could walk cuz my left leg was numb from the knee down, and I'm still like "Fuck.", and each dude grabbed one of my appendages and carried me over to the sidewalk. The doc checked me over, nothing broken probably. Then a police car, an ambulance and 2 tow trucks appeared.

Long story short, and after a time at the Smoothie King gathering our wits, we got back on the bike and rode home.

And now my foot's elevated and I've got ice on it. We both have asphalt burns on our left elbows & knees, his thumb's fucked up. My left heel is really bruised and I can't apply much pressure to my heel, so I'm limping along on my tippy toes. I think my foot got crushed between the motorcycle & the asphalt.

I'll go see the doctor tomorrow if necessary.

Crazy, huh?!?

I realized today that we live kind of a fast lifestyle.

Yeah! Live fast die young! Pain makes you realize you're alive. No fear!
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