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2010-05-08 - Breakfast drinking

Hola, it's Saturday!

I have my alarm set to go off in an hour, but I should just shut it off. I'm not going back to sleep.

We stayed in last night. Not that I was in any shape to go out... my foot's still jacked up. I got X-rays Monday and they didn't find anything broken, but it's still swollen & blue. It's mainly my heel, I still can't put 100% of my weight on it. I think what happened when we keeled over was my foot got caught between the peg & the motorcycle, as we slid 6+ feet on the pavement. It's weird being sprawled out in the middle of a busy street, hoping a car doesn't run you over. (Note: yes, we were both wearing our helmets. I wear a full helmet.)

This whole thing has prompted me to reevaluate Richard's riding skills (he needs more experience before he can safely tote another rider, and he hasn't been using his foot break at all the whole time he's been riding), and I've realized we both need to retake the 4-day motorcycle riding instructional course so we can both get a refresher on our riding skills, and then I can have the confidence to go and test drive one, then perhaps purchase.

Put that on the ever growing "things I need to do" list.

I was up til 2 last night. My older sister's coming to visit today and I needed to clean. And we're having people over to have nibblies & cocktails before the Art Car Parade from 1-3. I told people they can come over as early as 10. Yeah!

I made banana bread, chocolate oatmeal cookies, fresh chopped pineapple, and sangria. I fortified it with brandy and just dumped a bag of frozen mixed berries in, cut it with raspberry sparkling water, that's refreshing! And we have a ton of tequila, so of course we're having margaritas, duh. I'm also gonna make a breakfast casserole with eggs, hashbrowns, sausage & chopped prunes. I'm also gonna have set out a bowl of almonds, and some crackers & goat cheese, and maybe some sort of chip. Hmm, and I have FIVE girlfriends already confirming they're coming, and a couple are gonna bring something.

I'm excited! It will be cool to have my older sister visit us in this apartment, she hasn't seen it, yet! I've really tried to decorate it cool, I hope she likes all the crap I've put up.

Richard's been under the weather this whole week. He's been coughing & sniffling, I think his asthma's acting up, but he doesn't have insurance so can't see a dr. I try to fix him up as best as I can with peppermint tea & honey, and I give him allergy pills as often as I can get him to take one. His job is pulling him in all kinds of crazy directions, and because of my foot, I've been a total home-body this week, so we haven't been able to go out together to destress. He did go out Thursday with his dude friends, though, and then was hungover all day yesterday.

So because of my stupid foot, the last time I exercised was last Saturday when I rode those 103 miles. I think I've lost some muscle. I weighed 115 this morning, and a week ago I weighed 118.

My horoscope today said we are going to have many visitors into our home.


PS - the "emory cat" really works! We got it, and already 2 of our 3 cat's nails are filed down so nicely!

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