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2010-05-14 - the Nostromo

I went to see a specialist about my foot Wednesday, a podiatrist is what he calls himself. He took more X-rays, still didn't see any visible fracture(s), but he's treating my injury as a heel fracture. I still can't put weight on my heel, I'm walking funny, and it's still swollen a little. It's been 12 days since the moto mishap. See, the thing is with a heel fracture is that it won't show up on an X-ray until it starts to heal, which is 4-6 weeks after the injury. And oddly, it actually doesn't *really* start to hurt until a week or more after, too. And my heel's starting to hurt more, totally. I'm just taking advils and aleves, they are both blue pills.

Speaking of the Matrix, I think I'm going to refer to the peroid of time in my life when I was married as "the Matrix". Let me tell you a story from when I was in the Matrix. It was about 10 years ago, and I was out at a club with Wade in SA with my little sister. Wade was really drunk. We were walking across the dancefloor (it was rather empty) and I was carrying 2 drinks, both my hands were full. I was wearing a short skirt. I guess as a joke, Wade came over to me, and yanked up my skirt, the whole thing, so it was up around my waist and my panties were 100% exposed. I couldn't pull it down, my hands were full of drinks, and there wasn't a table nearby to set them down on. So I had to squat down, set the drinks on the floor, stand back up & yank my skirt back down as quickly as I could, grab the drinks and try to find a dark corner to disappear in with my embarassment. The next morning, he didn't even remember doing that to me. Wade used to get really, really drunk.

So yeah, my heel is most likely fractured. The doctor gave me a boot to wear, and I'm starting therapy 2x/week for 2-4 weeks. I still haven't worked out at all. It's like the universe is telling me SLOW DOWN!!! Richard feels bad about it, he does.

But we are such kindred spirits... we've both picked all our scabs off! Aww yeah.

I've been making coffee in my plunger pot with Chock full o Nuts coffee and it's the fucking bomb! I put in some Ibarra Mexican chocolate melted in warm soymilk, Richard had 3 cups. He's still under the weather, but on the upswing, he said the coffee was healing him. I believe it, that shit was good.

My new favorite show is Stargate Universe. They played Eel's "Agony" at the end of tonight's episode, I love that song.

I watched the Human Centipede last week, my older sister's boyfriend burned a copy of it for me, how hella is that shit? Man, that movie is wack. And I know what you're wondering... when's the sequel? They start filming this summer, it will come out in 2011, I forget which month. Jesus, what a fucked up movie. I love the critic who wouldn't even give it a rating of "no stars" because he said that this movie existed in a realm where the stars do not shine.

I think the little Dutch boy who survived the plane crash looks like a little angel who fell from the sky and got his wings ripped off as he plummeted to the ground. They were charcoal grey wings.

I came home from work today and played my guitar. Well, I spent half the time tuning it, I hadn't played it in forever. I got a tuner app on my phone, it works! I could only remember 2 songs: "In my Life" by the Beatles and "One" by Metallica. That was the first song I ever learned on the guitar.

It's midnight. This is Ripley, signing off.

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